Measuring & Fitting

Sizing your head collar: (only required for Headcollars as Gencon® All-in1 and Clip to Collars fit any size of dog)

Place a piece of tape on your dogs nose, take it round the muzzle, cross it under the chin, then take it round the back of the head (all in one piece) add approximately 3 inches to allow for ease of taking off and putting on.

Our Standard sizes are: X large 39ins; Large 35ins; Medium 31ins; Small 27 ins. Choose the size that is nearest to your dogs measurement or if your dog is significantly larger or smaller contact us and we will make one up specially for you.

Gencon All-in-1 and Headcollar fitting instructions

If your dog is comfortable wearing the Gencon headcollar it will be more likely to stop pulling on the lead. That is why we have written this guide to help you get your dog used to wearing its new headcollar.

Although fitting a Gencon All-in-1 or Headcollar is simplicity itself, we all know, anything new for your dog, and for yourself, takes a bit of practice and learning. We advise that you read these instructions or watch our easy-to-follow Gencon® All-in-1 and Headcollar videos to see how you apply our special dog training lead to stop any dog pulling on a lead and to keep him or her happy.

As you’ll see, we have worked with the best dog trainers in the business and like everything, once you and your dog are used to fitting our innovative system, it’ll just be part of your normal daily routine.

For the first few times however it’s advisable to practise with your Gencon at home when your dog is calm and has already been exercised. We recommend that you always associate the new headcollar alongside something positive and enjoyable for your dog. This might mean gently placing the lead over the dog’s head or neck while it is eating or simply delivering a treat or toy if the dog does not react. Ultimately your dog will then associate the Gencon with its future walks and this will be ample reward and motivation.

Over time, gradually increase the length of time your dog spends on the dog training lead. Practise using it in your garden or living room before venturing out into external environments. The Gencon® is available for either left or right side walking so that the kit provides the ultimate comfort and ease for both of you whilst lead training your dog.

Introducing your dog to the Gencon headcollar

  • Stop your dog pulling on a lead by having a properly fitted Gencon headcollar
  • Introduce your dog to the headcollar by asociating it with something fun or exciting
  • Slowly increase the time the dog is walked on the dog training lead

Please note we recommend you wait until your dog is 6 months before using the  All-in-1 or Headcollar.


1 The Gencon arrives flattened within the packaging.


2 Remove and straighten out fully so that two loops are clearly visible.


3 Look for two land marks before you begin, firstly the silver ring which will sit behind the dogs ear and secondly the cross over which will sit underneath the dogs chin.


4 Place the dog in front of you in the sit position and place the first loop ( with the silver ring) over the dogs head and down on to the dogs neck.


5 Follow this by placing the second loop over the bridge of the dog’s nose, the crossover should now be underneath the dogs chin.


6 Apply gentle and even pressure to both loops to ensure they fit snuggly over both areas. Tighten the ‘nose’ loop gently and then pull the remaining length of the lead in an upwards motion to tighten high on the dogs neck, behind the ears.


7 Remember to ensure gentle, even pressure is maintained on the lead to ensure it stays secure around the dogs head. This pressure should be minimal, just enough for the dog to be aware of the contact.


8 For extra security, slide the black, plastic clip down to within an inch of the dog’s ear. To do this, pinch either side of the clip towards you to release its grip before sliding.