Having a Marmalute means a lot of hard work, a colleague at work has a larger dog too and uses a Gencon, shes let me borrow her lead for a week and it was great! I had to quickly order one for myself and it’s been a game changer on our walks… Thankyou Gencon, will be ordering again

Good product. Easy to put on. Took some dog getting used to but was worth it as pulling dramatically decreases

“I cannot recommended this enough. My rehomed young Labrador boy was a strong puller, launching himself at other dogs/people in his enthusiastic greetings and pulling little me clean off my feet! With training and this as an “aid” things are now very much improved. He accepted the halter really well, it doesn’t twist round like some halter designs and it seems to calm him down mentally too.”

Excellent product and very easy to use. It clips to the collar for added security if you felt you needed it. It has instantly made it possible for me to walk my two Labradors together, with no pulling. It doesnt ride up into their eyes and it isnt bulky or heavy around their faces. Love it!


In the past I have tried everything….half choke collars, top clip harness, front clip harness, and Wolfie was still pulling and lunging. I’m a big chap and strong, but it came to the point where my back and arms were badly affected and I began to despair, but couldn’t give up on him.

As you will know, we have tried 2 sizes of collar in normal width and the clip to collar all-in one. I decided I prefer our own long leather adjustable lead that matches his half choke collar, so I have the choice of fixing it at its full length onto the head collar, or one end to the leather collar, other to the head collar. Now we have the wider one it’s even better…..he and I especially like that he can have a good sniff around on the lead full length, attached just to the head collar, with no pulling. Sorted….enjoyable walks for all of us and my back and arms are feeling much better. Well done Gencon! 

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the all-in-one head collar. I had bought a harness for my large 6 month old pup and she pulled like a train whilst wearing it. So much so that my walks with her were something to be dreaded. The all-in-one has changed things dramatically. She walks like an absolute dream and only on the first walk did she spend most of the time on three legs while the fourth tried to hook the nose band off. Thank you

I recently purchased one of your Gencon head collar & lead. I would like to tell you the difference it has made to my over friendly 10 stone Newfoundland is unbelievable. I can enjoy a walk again knowing that I have control of him and the best bit is he knows it! Thanks for coming up with a great idea. Thanks again, Ann

Many thanks! The collar arrived a couple of days ago. And it really works! I never imagined i’d be able to have a pleasant walk with this little, wild dog but your collar has changed everything.  He fought it at first, but when he finally accepted it, walking him has become no longer a chore but a pleasure
Thank you again

Daisy had her walkies with her new lead and it’s made such a difference. Mum said she could have walked her with just one finger holding the lead! I’m really shocked at how well she walked to heal

Having worked as a dog behaviour specialist for some years and run a rescue centre for those dogs that other rescues wont take for the last six – I have tried just about every head collar money can buy. I only use the Gencon.

It is simple, it fits all dogs and the dogs find it more comfortable than any other I have tried. The one size fits all design is really handy, I dont have time to keep finding a different head collar for each dog. . In my rescue it quite simply helps me to manage and train adult dogs who have had no training whatsoever and are without it, unmanageable. 

I often take in adult young dogs with no lead training at all. Most recently a 40 Kilo Mastiff crossbreed who I simply could not hold without the Gencon. 

This is fabulous. Adopted a 2 year old Springer who had never been on a lead and had tried several other combinations and leads with no success. The Gencon at least stops her pulling quite so much. Really pleased with it.

This is probably the best £20 I have ever spent,
Years of struggling walking my 38 kilo dog but for the last 3 years since having this lead it’s been a breeze honestly this is the best lead you could ever buy for a dog that pulls it truly is amazing

Walking was a nightmare and not enjoyable at all, hated it!! Pulling really hard, changing direction, stopping. Within 2 walks – Max (Collie/Huntaway) adapted to this lead and walking now is a pleasure. It seems to calm him down and put me in control. I equate it to a bridle for a horse, makes perfect sense.

Brilliant absolute miracle stopped our Cockapoo pulling immediately

Helps my nervous dog walk with more confidence.
I’ll always use Goncon.

Purchased this for my 7-month Pointer-x who’d started to pull on her regular lead. Having researched leading brands I decided on this clip-to-collar lead for its design and simplicity. It has not disappointed me. It provided instant control without protest from my dog. She walked nicely on our first outing. I love that I can instantly clip the lead to collar for instant control and release it easily and without fuss. Just what you need with a large pup. Great product.

Oh My God. BUY THIS PRODUCT!! We have a german shepherd and we tried various leads and harnesses but he was just getting bigger and stronger to the point where I didn’t feel like I had full control whatsoever. People would even comment about who was walking who. But we were recommended this by a dog handler in the police. We didn’t want to buy it at first as German shepherds are already stereotyped as aggressive and didn’t want people thinking he had a muzzle on. This isn’t a muzzle whatsoever, and when he is carrying his ball or panting this is obvious to others. He just stopped pulling instantly. He went through a phase after about 3 months of pawing at his nose – and we started worrying about him scratching his face- but he eventually relented. Not only did this stop pulling, but he was going through a barking phase where he just barked at anyone or anything. You don’t realise but when they bark they lunge forward slightly and of course the gencon instantly tightens when he does this. So now he almost thinks before he barks whether it is worth it. It got him out of his barking phase and he is just a breeze to take out. You won’t need another lead! We bought the clip to collar one but just use it as a normal gencon, but its good to have the option. Our dog doesnt mind the lead at all, he doesnt see it as a punishment or anything like that! He does circles round me to pop it on while I am sorting out the loops. So its a win win :) BUY BUY BUY!

Helped our dog to walk better on her lead.

This is the best product I’ve ever purchased – it has made a huge difference to the well-being of us and our dog.

Taking my dog for a walk would be an horrendous experience; we didn’t enjoy taking him and actually would dread going out, and my dog would be worn out from all the pulling. We hired a dog behaviorist who recommended this lead. We have bought a huge variety of leads and harnesses in the past; if anyone suggested it, we bought it – we probably have enough to open a shop!

Initially my dog didn’t like wearing it and to begin with would jump up and try pull the mouth loop off with his front paws but after the first few times he stopped doing this. Now he walks wonderfully; he will still try pull if he sees another dog but as soon as he feels it tightens, he stops and just wags his tail uncontrollably instead! Finally walking time is enjoyable for everyone.

We’ve had this product for about a year now and it is showing no signs of wear. The behaviorist had the same lead with him which was clearly weathered but still in great condition and he said his was years old – so definitely worth the money!

Absolutely brilliant. Best face harness I’ve used, it doesn’t bother him and I feel I have full control when he has an reactive episode!

My boy behaves on walks!

We love that they are comfortable for both dog and human. They also make walking a breeze. No more pulling or lunging!

I love that one size fits all!

‘My favourite thing about Gencon is…’ – They can be used on all breeds and all sizes!

OMG. If anyone is thinking about getting a Gencon lead think no more. What a difference it has made to Flossie walking. In all honesty much as I adore her I hate walking her and would use any excuse not to, letting hubby and son do it. Now it is a sheer pleasure.

Walks are no longer a chore where im being pulled everywhere

We had a go of our lead on my walk. It definitely made my mum feel more in control and confident with Wayne. The dogs found it comfy and I walked well with it.

“I would and will definitely be recommending it for my reactive dog as I found with my saluki who is a sucker for lunging for bikes and traffic it really helped keep her in check”

‘To be honest I don’t find harnesses work.. I prefer a world of difference. Can walk on 1 finger!”

Received Millie’s prize today for winning the GenconAllin1 Back to School photo competition. Taken her for a walk straight away with it and although it took her a little while to get used to it, its fantastic! Millie is a real puller on the lead and this just stopped it totally! Will be ordering two more in the not to distant future for my other two dogs. Thank you so much 😊🐶❤️

Keeps Mia at my side, she doesn’t pull at all. Really good product.

Here is our 1 year old German Wirehaired Pointer Fenn, wearing the lovely red gencon collar she won in one of your competitions.
The lead really helped me today when I took my children and Fenn out to a big park, we could all enjoy a long walk without me getting pulled over by our huge (but very cute!) puppy!
Thank you!

” GenconAllin1 are miracle workers. If your dog pulls or lunges don’t look any further. Makes walks a dream!”

Had a lovely 121 with these two and their owner this morning. The one with his nose in the camera pulls on lead, tries to chase cats, barks and snaps at other dogs and likes to be centre of attention indoors as well as constantly crying when left home alone. Today, We swapped the ‘anti pull’ harness and ‘gentle leader’ head collar (yes, he was wearing both at the same time and still pulling his owners arm off!) for a gencon all in one head collar. We went through some techniques to resolve some of the issues indoors and The owner was thrilled with the results. I can’t wait to go back in two weeks to see how they are getting on and hopefully move on to phase 2. It’s lovely to watch someone start to enjoy their dogs again, that’s what my job is all about 😊🐾👍🏻 #dogtraining #gencon #labradorsofinstagram

“We love the Clip Lead. It’s nice and soft on your hands. I’ve used other clip leads on Angus at Flyball as we need quick release and he pulls when he gets excited so I get rope burn and sore hands. This lead is much nicer to hold than any other I’ve used even if your dog lunges or pulls. The clip on the lead is very lightweight so makes it more comfortable for your dog as it hasn’t got a lot of weight to carry. You also don’t realise you are holding it’s so light. I love that the lead has a ring on the handle so you can attach a poo bag holder so you are never without. As with every Gencon lead it is a great length.”

I had to let you know that your headcollar is the best thing since sliced bread! It has made walking my german shepherd dog a pleasure. I have tried all the other so called brilliant headcollars, and have paid out a fair bit of money on them, but none of them work like the gencon, it is by far the best bit of kit there is. I already have one, but have just purchased a second one as a spare, as I cant think of using any other headcollar. thank you so much.

Doesn’t matter the size if the dog it helps all, I have a 56kg Alaskan Malamute who I couldn’t walk with out it, it helps control his lunges when he gets over excited or sees a rabbit/ cat!

dog head collar

I love these leads, so versatile and safe

We now have our 7 month old Spinone pups (weighing over 30 kilos already)on Gencon leads. Makes walks so much easier!

“Just coming back to order another Gencon for a good friend and thought I would share a photo of what impresses so many of my friends ….these are my four Italian Spinone girls (big powerful dogs) who I can safely and comfortably walk together thanks to your amazing leads. This photo is taken walking the girls in the Australian bush where there is often risk of surprising mobs of kangaroos, wallabies and I can honestly say that I can safely and securely hold all four dogs in such an event with these leads. I have used these now for a number of years and consistently get asked as to what they are….resulting in a number of friends and acquaintances seeking out and buying your product!”

dog head collar

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the head collar. I’ve tried several types before and seen friends with others and this is by far the best. My young dog now walks calmly at my side with only an occasional bit of pressure from my thumb. No need for my arm to move. It seems to automatically calm him just having it on. Also he has vigorously objected to wearing a couple of other makes but is happy to have his Gencon put on. THANK YOU.

I recently bought one for my dad who has a 3 year old German shepherd called Jessie. He thinks it’s the best invention he’s ever come across for dogs. He’s experienced with a lot of breeds and has kept dogs for over 40 years. He has tried many types of leads throughout the years but was amazed by this products simple design and instant effectiveness. Thumbs up from him, gencon is a fantastic product and a must have for any dog owner!! 🐶 ❤️

dog head collar

I love these leads! Helped me train my dog Nushka not to pull, to walk to heel nicely (most of the time!!) – always recommend Gencon whenever I get the opportunity

“I wouldn’t dream of taking them out without a Gencon. They make walking some much more enjoyable! ??

dog head collar

“OMG I love you! Just walked my nightmare beagle with one finger even had control over him when other dogs come past. I’ve tried other leads but this is the best by far! Telling all my dogs friends about them, No more being pulled down the street lol! Thank you!!!”

dog head collar

“Trying out my new @gencon_allin1 head collar and lead. It even stops ME pulling, must be good! ?”

dog head collar

“This is my new Lez Graham Retrieving Roll by @gencon_allin1. Me gets a treat from the special pocket every time me brings it back! #WinWin ?”

“The best solution for dogs who pull on leads. I cannot recommend @GenconAllin1 enough. You have great control and no pulling or lunging”

Having tried all different types of head collars, I have finally found a Gencon Allin1 that doesn’t pull up into your dog’s eyes and that our dog is happy to wear.

I adore the Gencon, it is a life saver.

In my experience the Gencon collar was very comfortable! No fuss or fighting and it did the job!

We’ve started working with @gencon_allin1 and so far it’s a success!

Tried Eddie pulls like a train. He walked brilliantly and calm. What an amazing product. Will recommend to all doggy friends!

This is the only headcollar I would recommend because of its overall effectiveness

I can vouch for the Gencon – I can’t fault it. It can’t ride up as it is a simple figure of eight without any complicated head collar. It tightens as the dog pulls but it doesn’t stop them from opening their mouth, and loosens when they stop pulling. I can’t say that it would definitely fit every dog – probably would be better on big dogs (Richard, if you’re reading this – I’m picturing a Boxer with suction cup attached to it’s face!!). It can be a bit fiddly to fit the first time, so you need to get it organised in your hands before you get Fido over all wriggly and excited. I haven’t tried the other types of headcollar so I’m no help with comparing them. Oh and you’re not supposed to jerk the Gencon – just use gentle pressure to turn them back to you. I’ve had no problem holding back 55 kg of dog with it – it’s got to be worth a go!

I think with headcolars it comes down toersonal preference of the dog and owner. I have a Gencon and I found Zimba tolerates it much better than any other headcollar, including the Dogmatic.

I use a Gencon for my Lab works well and unlike the Halti is doesnt seem to put strain on her neck. I have found that my Bramble only really needs it on for a few minutes to remind her not to pull then I can take the loop of her nose and walk her on just a normal lead.

I use the Gencon all in one with clip to collar on all my 3. I was introduced to it at Dog Training school and we were taught how to introduce it, fit it and use it. By using the one with clip to collar it means there are 2 anchor points and for the majority of the time they are walking on flat collar and lead but it gives fingertip control for if there was a situation where they suddenly pulled and I have found this really useful especially for walking 3 large dogs at once as I have total control (even when a cat or another dog has run at them) and they are very comfortable and relaxed on them.
I have used dogmatic headcollars with double ended lead but prefer the Gencon all in one with clip to collar.

I have a Gencon, a Gentle Leader and a Dogmatic but I use the Gencon the most, both me and the dog hate the Dogmatic. I will add that none of them have stopped my dog pulling.

“Mine are all on gencons and i know alot of people use them at rescue for strong dogs. There amazing to stop pulling.”

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my Gencon head collar. The best £20 I have spent recently. As you can see from the photo attached even my husband has difficulty walking our 9 month puppy on a normal lead without her pulling. With the Gencon head collar my nine year old grandson can walk her without any trouble. We recently took her on a 3 km walk in aid of Altzheimers and she was no trouble at all in spite of all the people there and other dogs. I thoroughly recommend any one with a dog pulling problem gives one a try.

Spot The Difference

I am absolutely thrilled with your product, I work gundogs & have a very enthusiastic Cocker who usually turns herself inside out with excitement between drives. I used the all in one on her on Saturday, it had an amazing calming effect & she was a dream to handle throughout the day. I have since used the same on my flat coat youngster & she now sits everytime I stop without any pressure or command! I cannot praise this enough, it is so easy to use, no clips or fiddle & the reaction is so responsive to a kind restraint. I am one happy dog handler & will be ordering again & will recommend you!

Hi I just wanted to say we LOVE your all in one lead! They are incredible! Our 2 year old golden pulled so much and we tried everything then we found your product and it has helped immensely. He doesn’t pull anymore and we can take them anywhere in public and not have to worry that we won’t be able to control our dogs! We also get asked a lot about them as they are not easily found in Canada. So I’ve done a sales pitch tons of times! We swear by them and recommend them to everyone! We dont not leave home without them! Well except when they are in the wash!!

Excellent little head collar that works!

A fab little device that has worked within days on my lab puppy. She had a tendency to pull my arm out of joint every walk but after using the lovely purple collar for one weekend she has now stopped!

Thank you so much

The Gencon – I can’t fault it. It can’t ride up as it is a simple figure of eight without any complicated head collar. It tightens as the dog pulls but it doesn’t stop them from opening their mouth, and loosens when they stop pulling.

We went camping and the gencon 2 in 1 lead was so good! Well i think it is fantastic and Logan walked like a dream on it, there was so much going on and he could easily have been difficult to walk and control with all the distractions but he was an angel, my 2 sons were able to walk him on the gencon and they were so happy to be able to be in cotrol. I am very pleased with the product and very impressed, much better than a gentle leader which i had tried before.

“Hi – Arrived this morning and it’s fantastic!

“I had been using a gentle trainer until today. Tilly walked no problem at all this afternoon on the GENCON All in 1 – best walk ever!!

THANK YOU – I’ll tell my friends.

“Hi Jo – thank you for the GENCON All in One which my husband purchased. I would like to say how pleased we are with it.

“We have an 18 month black Labrador – Riley – and have tried most items that are on the market to stop him pulling. The GENCON he readily accepted, it is so comfortable for him. You still have complete control over him and it is so easy to put on.

I would recommend it to any dog owner. “

“I just wanted to say what a fab product the Gencon headcollar is. I bought one from you last week for my 20 month old Rottie bitch, Tiega, and it’s amazing!

Although Tiega’s not a bad ‘puller’ in general, she is a big powerful dog who, in a moment of excitement, can drag me towards a doggy friend (or other temptation) and I can’t do much about it!

Even though we successfully passed the bronze level Canine Good Citizen award recently with the use of a normal collar, I still wasn’t 100% confident of being able to keep her under close control in all circumstances – absolutely essential with this type of dog.

Having tried a halti briefly (she hated it) I had the Gencon recommended to me and chose the large size – perfect fit for a female Rottie. It only took the briefest of introductions in the house with a few treats and she was ready to go!

From the outset, it seemed to have a calming effect on her and she was very mindful of my commands to walk at heel, wait, sit, etc. I can carry the lead completely relaxed and if she moves forward the slightest flick of the wrist tightens the collar and she drops back. It’s incredible!

A cat sprang out in front of us as we walked today and she barely flinched! Normally I would have been dragged towards it. After a tiny correction we just carried on walking and I reinforced the “leave it” command.

This is a fabulous training tool! I’ve heard the expression “power steering for dogs” and that’s exactly what this is. It seems comfortable for her too – certainly she was able to carry home her twin pack of jumbones from the shop in her mouth as usual today with no issues, so her mouth is obviously not restricted in any way. Many thanks for this excellent product.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the Gencon All-in-1 that I bought earlier this week for my 11 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy called Buddy.

I have purchased every product under the sun since we got him in January that promised it would stop him pulling. but nothing has worked! He was coming home exhausted after attempting a walk and I was coming home in tears!!

The day it arrived I tried it out and couldn’t believe that almost immediately I could take him for a walk without us fighting against each other all the time. Four days later and him and I now look forward to going out
for a walk and just to see him trotting along beside me with his tail up instead of between his legs is testimony enough to show how much he likes it too.

A great product and so simple! How I wish I had come across it sooner because it could have saved Buddy and me a lot of heartache. I cannot recommend this product enough to anyone having the same problem as I did!

Buy it, try it, it works!!

“Many thanks for the Gencon all-in-1.

At long last my tall, very strong Jack Russell ‘Tess’ IS NOT pulling my arm off.”

“Hi! Just to let you know the Gencon is brilliant and Basil has stopped pulling!Thanks very much.”

“My dog Ziggy is a year old (cross tebetian terrier and hungarian pumi) and has always pulled and I have tried various collars and leads, none of which have worked.

“Ziggy’s coat is rather long and the Gencon works extremely well as it does not move about and matt his coat like other leads and collars I have tried.

I will definately recommend the gencon to anyone I know whose dog pulls.

“Thanks for a brilliant item. Best wishes.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the Gencon arrived yesterday. Also that it worked like magic.

Love the Gencon, its fantastic on any dog I walk and does seem to ‘calm’ the dog.

I’ve used both (Gencon and Dogmatic) with good results.

I do tend towards the Gencon though, but that is probably primarily because the ‘All-in-one’ version (i.e. with a lead) is a one-size-fits-all product, so I know that it will fit any dog I have here (my own 3 + various fosters) without worrying smile.gif

It does fit well and doesn’t ride up, and with the newer versions that also have a trigger clip at the ‘handle’ end, you can use it to clip onto a harness or ordinary collar as well. You can either buy just the figure-of-8 attachment (which does have an element of getting the right size) or the one combined with a lead (my preference). It also comes wither with a fixed stitched handle OR alternatively a trigger-clip handle which gives it more flexibility.

I also like the fact that I can just use it as a slip-lead by not expanidng the nose piece for those dogs that don’t pull.


I have found the Gencon the best. It doesn’t go up into the dogs eyes, and one size fits all dogs, so you don’t have to worry about getting the correct size.

Really impressed with this simple but effective solution for my Boxer’s out of control pulling with standard collar and lead.

Works very well.I can now manage my Germabn shepherd without him taking me for the walk

Very fast delivery. Gencon is great. No more pulling on lead. It really works and best of all it does not hurt my dog.It’s great! Thank you

Great product it’s the only thing I can walk my dog with will never be without one

Best lead I have purchased, would highly recommend it for any dog that pulls

This lead was recommended by our dog trainer.

We purchased this for our 9 month lab collie who was becoming impossible to control on the lead. She is very strong and has pulled us both over. This lead was recommended by our dog trainer. It has transformed our walks and she has adapted to it really quickly. We would highly recommend it. The only thing to be aware of is that she can slip the lead if left alone on it, and tied to a wall or similar for a few minutes. So we would recommend using a normal collar lead if left tied up for a few minutes. Also, we did order one direct from Gencon but it never arrived and we had lots of reasons given as to why it hadn’t come despite taking payment, we did get a full refund though.

Very good for both the dog and handler. Easy to put on and take off


I still can’t believe what a difference this head collar makes to our very ‘pully’ pointer pup, who is a nightmare on a normal lead as he is so strong. Easy to put on in a figure of eight pattern over his nose and behind his ears, then tighten a buckle to the slip-ring to give a snug fit while still allowing the dog to open his mouth to eat and take treats easily. We have tried a Halti in the past but found that even the correct size tended to pull up into his eyes – this doesn’t as it is quite small-profile webbing. The only downside is that it is susceptible to chewing if the dog thinks he can get away with it !
As soon as the head collar is on he seems to calm down and walks beautifully, requiring only the slightest pull on the lead to bring him back – there is a clip on the end of the lead that you can attach to the dog’s collar for extra security, but that obviously shortens the usable length. Alternatively you can leave it off the collar and instead use it to make a hand loop, giving a longer lead for walking. We tend to leave it off as the shape of his head and long snout means he is unlikely to be able to wriggle out of the head collar. (using a Halti link strap, also available on Amazon for less than £2, gives you both the security and the extra length lead)
Can’t recommend this highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest you at least give one a try if you have problems with a pulling dog.

If you have a dog that takes you for a walk this is the lead for you. It is absolutely marvellous. Dog doesn’t like strap over nose for a short while but soon gets used to it. You will not be pulled along ever again. Can’t tell you how great this is. Costly but worth every penny.No other lead as good.

I tried everything, every lead, every harness and nothing worked. Until now! I have a Samoyed, a breed notorious for pulling and being stubborn. This lead has changed our walks. It used to be a chore to walk her and I dreaded taking her out walking especially beside the pram. She now walks perfect.. hardly any pulling. It took a few walks for her to get used to as we went from a harness to something around her face. She stopped a few times to try and paw it off her face but that was it. I have already recommended this to my brother for his labrador. If my dog stopped pulling I’d say anyone’s can!

I have worked for ages trying to train my 11 month old Labrador not to pull on her lead. Despite no end of patience and repetition on my part she just doesn’t seem to ‘get’ it, especially when confronted with the choice between walking by my side or having her nose on the ground pulling towards the next smell.

A couple of months ago I finally accepted that I might need a little extra help in the form of some kind of collar / lead device. I initially bought a halti but neither of us got on that well with it. It did stop her pulling but she hated it and kept rubbing her paws trying to remove it. I didn’t like how it would ride up her nose and rest right under her eyes – way too close for comfort.

Last month I decided to try something different and came across the Gencon all in one lead and felt encouraged by the favourable reviews, so I ordered the black and silver version from Amazon.

The lead looks confusing when you remove it from the package. There are some instructions included but without a picture or diagram I found it confusing. Luckily I remembered that there was a video on one of the reviews so went back and watched that a couple of times and it then made perfect sense how to fit the lead.

* it really does work! I have gone from walking a dog who could pull me almost over on my face to being able to hold her with just a loose hand or a couple of fingers
* my dog goes crazy when she sees another dog or cat and lunges – this was dangerous and painful for me. The Gencon collar has stopped her from being able to lunge – in fact she doesn’t even try it any longer and we can now walk towards other dogs and greet them nicely
* the fabric is fairly soft – much softer than that used to make a halti, so it is kinder to the dog’s nose
* once you understand how to fit the lead it is very straightforward after that
* I like that this is just one piece i.e. I don’t need a separate lead as well
* I liked not having to worry about which size to buy. With things like Canney collars you have to measure the dog’s neck and there is always the risk that you might not get the correct size or you might have to buy a new one if the dog is still growing. No such problem with this as it is fully adjustable no matter what size your dog is
* it is easy to keep clean, just give it a quick wash in warm soapy water
* it doesn’t ride up against he eyes like a halti can do

* my dog has accepted this better than a halti but she still does use her paw to try to remove it whilst walking. She is starting to accept it a little more now
* it is easy enough to put on while at home and my dog is fairly calm, but when I need to get her ready to come home and she is excited / not wanting to return, it can be difficult to replace as she squirms her head from side to side to avoid it
* it is considerably more expensive than a halti collar

This has been an excellent purchase and it has made life so much easier now when walking my dog. I feel safer with her, I’m not getting hurt by her pulling and she gets to go out on much longer walks. I can’t imagine walking her now without one of these.

“It works really well!”

“Brilliant! The only thing I’ve found that helps with my Springer Collie cross pulling so much. So so grateful for this!”

“They work a treat! They are great collars”

“Woody has one of your leads and it works a treat!”

“Sunny @GenconAllin1 walkies earlier. Such a brilliant lead!”

(Dog trainer/behaviourist at Puppy Prep School)

“I especially like a Gencon when introducing a dog to a head halter as it’s very lightweight and easily accepted. Also when held appropriately it slips on very quickly and, with the encouragement of a treat is barley noticed by the dog”

“Brilliant gentle 3in1 leads from @GenconAllin1″


“We tested our new @GenconAllin1 today at the dog show; omg it’s brilliant!”

I own a rescue Staffie aged 4 years. When we got her in March we found her very hard to walk but we were reassured that she would settle and walk nicely.

After buying many leads and harnesses ( no good for a S B T as all they do is put all their strength into the harness and pull more ) I saw your All In 1 in our local pet shop and decided to try it. The dog is not very sure of the band across her nose but is slowly getting used to it. The main thing is that it has stopped her pulling virtually overnight.

Thank you from us and from the dog as our walk are now enjoyable as opposed to a constant struggle to control her.

Thank You,

Ian & Annette Driver ( and Sky )


Husky PupWe received our Gencon yesterday and what a difference a day makes! Having trained my last dog (many years ago) with a choke chain, I took the advice of a local dog trainer and bought a Gencon for our new Siberian Husky puppy. It’s an incredibly effective tool and walks have gone from sometimes not getting out of the gate with the standard ‘step back if the dog’s pulling’ to a comfortable 15 minutes with a lose lead and occasional light correction with quite literally finger pressure. I can’t recommend it enough! One-size-fits-all, simple to use, no risk of injury to your dog. Really quite remarkable.

“OMG ? Thankyou so much Gencon. I have 2 husky X staff/lab 18 months old. Walking them has been a nightmare- arms stretched to almost out sockets, uncontrollable when other dogs around. Have used Halti head collar with no success. Saw Gencon all in one and thought “why not give it a try” . They came this morning(only took 3days). Just been out for first walk wearing Gencon all in one. Past barking dogs, children, puppy – such a difference- I controlled both dogs with 2 fingers!! What an amazing difference. Walking was a joy not a struggle. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!!”

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Hello, I recently bought one of your leads for my puppy whippet as he pulls on walks with the others. It’s absolutely fantastic and I now use it for all my whippets when I go out with them individually and my puppy never pulls anymore when we are all out. I’ve posted a picture of Devon, puppy with it on, fawn brindle and Gracie his mum with it on.



Must say how the gencon all in one has helped me and my dog.
I feel so much more confident walking him whilst he gains his confidence. I feel so much safer and in total control and Sasha is happier too.
He is a Borzoi and I have tried other brands but the gencon literally fits any dog, even a Borzoi ! The collar stays in place and does not ride up at all.
So glad I found it, thank you! Louise
Slip & Clip Lead - Slip
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We were recommended the Gencon All in 1 by a fellow dog walker after she saw us struggling to control our springer spaniel. We purchased it straight away and saw immediate results. The lead is strong yet gentle and doesn’t ride up into the dogs eyes. It has stopped our dog pulling and he now walks to heel. The Gencon has been a real back saver, we love it!!!

Hello everyone.
We’re Mabel and Stanley and we’re six months old. We’re Borders as you can see and we used to get very worked up on our walks. We pulled so much and reacted to other dogs so much that Mummy and Daddy sometimes got upset.
They tried us with Halti head collars but we didn’t like them at all and we chewed through two of them in one day.
We like our new Gencons a lot. They are very comfortable to wear and they help us to walk very nicely with Mummy and Daddy. In fact we liked them straight away and they also help us to stay calm when we see other dogs – or that cat from down the road.
Mummy and Daddy are enjoying our walks too, and we think that’s a good thing.

6months old

Just a line to commend you for this product. Walking our rescued German Shepherd is now an enjoyable experience! I had tried, in desperation, wrapping his lead around his nose which worked a treat but obviously came off from time to time. The Gencon works in the same way only better so was the best option and was recommended by a trainer friend.

We were in a dog friendly cafe with our 8 month old boisterous Goldendoodle. We had no control over him whatsoever.
A lady came over and told us about the Gencon lead. She said her well behaved pup had been exactly the same but now with the lead was a pleasure.
We ordered one and I have to say it’s excellent. We put it on him and walked…..and walked, no pulling whatsoever. Doesn’t go to jump up people as we pass. Your product is a god send. Thank you.

After trying numerous different leads/collars/harnesses I bought two of the Gencon collars , one for a three year old GSD who pulls like a train, and one for a ten month old hyper Border Collie. The GSD took a little while to get used to the all in 1 but they now walk so calmly on the lead.  Gencon also doesn’t ride up into the eyes like some head collars do. Highly recommended, walking has become a pleasure again.

One happy dog wearing her gencon-all-in-1 on a day out at Broughton Castle, Banbury. This has made such a difference to our lives. Taking Tilly for a walk now is shear pleasure – after 5 years of pulling I just wish I had heard about it sooner. Thank you!gencon

Having had one of your products now for a couple of months got to say great product highly recommend!

I tried everything, every lead, every harness and nothing worked. Until now! I have a Samoyed, a breed notorious for pulling and being stubborn. This lead has changed our walks. It used to be a chore to walk her and I dreaded taking her out walking especially beside the pram. She now walks perfect.. hardly any pulling. It took a few walks for her to get used to as we went from a harness to something around her face. She stopped a few times to try and paw it off her face but that was it. I have already recommended this to my brother for his lLabrador If my dog stopped pulling I’d say anyone’s can!

Would highly recommend this to anyone with a pulling dog from the first wearing my dog slowed right down . No trying to jump on people any more , does exactly what it says.

I’m so glad I’ve finally found this page…I couldn’t remember the name. I bought one many years ago, and it was amazing. I now need to purchase and additional one, so I’m glad I’ve finally found it :)

I just wanted to say that I was introduced to your Gencon Allin1 “MAGIC” lead several years ago when my springer used to pull me terribly. Cured him straight away.
My friend recently got a 14 month old cocker cross and like me was having the same pulling issues. luckily I saw her facebook status saying he was a puller. I contacted her and went round the next morning with the “Magic” lead and Wham!! instant success. I had to pick her jaw up from the floor! totally amazed. So thank you so much from the both of us, I really do think this saved the dog as he may have been returned due to his pulling. Her other friend has gone to get one too. :-)

Gencon has been a life saver for me with Oscar. With him being a big puller and fear reactive especially to other dogs it’s given me more control of him when he has his moments.

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I swear by this product use it on all 3 and I could not walk cookie if I didn’t find this.

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That first night I can report that I looked to heaven and said thank God! The GenCon simply was working like magic! Within a few days, we had gone from my arm permanently outstretched ahead of me at full tension to a light fingertip hold of the lead and arm down at my side. It Took Ronnie a week or two to get used to the nose band but it never caused any real distress.

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What I love about the Gencon is that it is a kind training aid – it doesn’t hurt or harm your dog, and the pressure they feel in self-inflicted; they are in control of it rather than the owner.

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The Gencon was also a life-saver when I hurt my shoulder and still needed to be able to walk Selkie. I also like the fact that the collar responds quickly to the dog – so if Selkie is pulling hard, it gets tighter, but as soon as she stops, it loosens, so she has a say in things.

See the full review


I received the parcel today and was incredibly surprised, thank you so much. I love this lead, it works, not many do.

Fantastic customer service and I’ll be still recommending your brand in years to come.

Purchased an All in 1 for our 9 month old Leonberger, as you can imagine very strong at 54Kgs. Cannot write enough “Great” about this product, responded very quickly and now walks calmly, pulling is history. Have already recommended it to two other people.

Hi I purchased two all in one for my collies. They are both hyper and walking them on regular leads are a nightmare. I have been pulled over so many times I have lost count. The last time I injured my back so badly I couldn’t take them out for nearly 9 weeks. This was a last resort, I thought I may have to give up my boys as it was so unfair on them not getting proper walks. This is only the second day using the gencon and can’t thank you enough. The change in the boys is awesome. I can control them with such little effort. I come home without bruising pulled arms sore muscles a d in a great mood. I enjoy walking them for the first time since they were babies. Oldest is 2 so I struggled for long time. Thank you thank you thank you.I wish I had known about gencon when I first got my boys, I would have paid ten times more than I did if I had known how easy they are to use. Thank you so so so much

Many thanks to Gencon, I returned two damaged leads (dog had chewed them) back to Gencon with an estimate repair cost of £5.00. Very good deal I thought so sent off package with money. I have just opened the parcel today to find two brand new leads with a lovely comment ” Time For New Ones I Think”, thank you so much. Don’t know many companies who would do that. Thank You so much very happy customer

Received my Gencon all in 1 collar last week and what a difference it’s made!!! I have a 13 month old Sproodle, Millie, who is very nervous of the outside world and really pulls on the lead. Walks were becoming increasingly difficult since having a slipped disc in my back. I have tried various head collars on Millie and she has always tried taking them off but doesn’t seem to mind the Gencon. Walks are much easier, stress and pain free! Millie also appears much calmer. Wish I’d found this sooner!

Here at Woodside, we use the Gencon all-in-1 with clip to collar. We have found them simple to use and very effective at controlling any size dog, from Yorkshire terrier to Great Dane!
Most dogs accept the Gencon quickly with little fuss, making training so much easier. Gencon’s are now part of our uniform and we recommend them to any new owner taking home one of our four legged friends.

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gentle control of dogs that pull on the lead – happy dogs & happy dog walkers!

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1 of the things I like to use on dogs that pull is the gencon head collar along with a wainwright lead. Both are nice & soft

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I have lent Jack my @ , he’s now walking beautifully. No pulling means his Human brother can walk him!
Luke & Jack were inseparable all day! Very sweet

” My order arrived today.  Very prompt service. I already have 2 of the original Gencon all-in-one leads which must be at least 14 years old and are still good as new and have been used every day! I think they will all outlive me!

Only bought another as I have a very wriggly Collie pup and thought the clip would be useful. Thank you Gencon for great service and top quality products.”

You have saved my life !
I have 2 Scottish Terriers – 3 1/2 years and 11 months old. Both full of ‘Scottitude’. After trying every gadget/gizmo on the market and nearly giving up with despair, I tried the Gencon all-in-one.
The improvement was immediate ! Also consistent ! I call it the ‘magic lead’ – but really it’s a ‘miracle’ !!!!
Thank you !

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What I love about the Dickie  bag is the material, it’s pretty, washable, thick & feels like good quality. The bag comes with a D ring to attach to your belt loop, rucksack or lead. There is a handy Velcro strap.

The bag holds scent cards that sit in the bottom of the bag, they are strong (which you want when dealing with poop) but smell lovely.

The lid holds the dog poo bags, which is really rather handy.

I was sent the small bag, it’s really quite discreet. However, it does not hold more than 3 at the most poo’s (I have 2 dogs).

The best bit about this bag is that we no longer have to carry the dog waste for miles until we find a bin. If your a dog owner you will know what I mean!

The #DickyBag has changed our dog walking lives.

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We love the Headcollar! Stops pulling on the lead &helps concentration

Show Manager for The Royal County of Berkshire Show

Lez Graham Retrieving Roll.

I was not impressed with the concept or simplicity of design when I received it. The British model of training is so often far less effective than here in the U.S. and so I was sceptical from the onset.
I have a young lab I’m working with that was slow on the desire to retrieve and now after only a few sessions of using your product not only is she insanely retrieve driven but the holding issue is a thing of the past.
I’m so grateful you sent two Rolls to me as I can use one for promotion and the other for training at the facility.

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Bought 3 of your AMAZING leads … Totally transformed our usual stressful walks into peaceful enjoyable walks THANK YOU

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My 2 dogs walk amazing with their ! After trying everything these leads have made my life easy & my dogs are happier :)

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is an exciting new product, the likes of which I have never seen before. It’s the most practical addition to my dummy bag that I’ve had in a very long time. I love the way it appeals to the dog’s psyche of “what’s in it for me”, especially for reluctant retrievers; I have seen first hand how dogs go out to canvas and just walk away. Not with this roll once they have seen you put the treat in the pocket they get the idea immediately. They very quickly make the transition from picking up the roll to it being wrapped around canvas, or indeed anything you wish your dog to pick up, and hey presto your dog is doing its job. Simple but extremely effective.

Develop Your Dog

The Lez Graham Slip and Clip Lead is without a doubt one of the best bits of kit I have to use as both a dog owner and trainer.  It is so versatile; I used it on my puppy as a clip lead on the collar for basic heel training, and then as soon as my dog was walking nicely by my side I then started to use it as a slip lead.  It’s long enough that I could start doing my stay training and create some distance between me and my dog so I could maintain control if she lost concentration, and malleable enough to be comfortable in my hands when taking up the slack.  So many leads on the market these days just cut through your skin if the dog was to pull, so this is for me one of the best features of this lead.  However, the icing on the cake is that if you have two dogs, and you find you have forgotten one of your leads, you can use this one for both dogs, one on the clip and the other on the slip.  Fantastic -thanks for designing a great lead Lez, I won’t be leaving home without it.

Develop Your Dog

My Scottish Terrier was extremely pragmatic, in his opinion it was clear that if you threw something, you clearly did not want it near you.  Lez Graham’s Gencon Retrieving Roll has completely changed his outlook.  Over a few short sessions, he has developed a boundless enthusiasm towards retrieving that has subsequently changed the way we interact on a day to day basis.  Not only has he learned the benefits of fetching, but he also retrieves directly to my hand.  The change in my dog’s attitude has been truly remarkable.  Thank you Lez Graham and thank you Gencon.


Author of ‘Mourning Morning’

I thought I must drop you a line to say I am so pleased with the brace lead.  A very versatile piece of equipment that is far more convenient than carrying two leads around.Having two dogs I have had to walk out with two leads invariably draped round my neck as they won’t fit in my pockets.  The brace lead rolls up neatly and goes in a pocket. Instead of juggling two leads I can use it for both dogs and just have the one lead to hold and even, depending on the circumstances,  I have the choice of using it as a slip lead or not.And last but not least It is much easier to attach the dogs to something at the pub or anywhere for that matter! So great all round.  Well done and many thanks!


I run pack walks for dogs that need a little help with their canine social skills. As such the ability to control your dog is important to me and I am always looking tools to help achieve this.

As a user of Gencon headcollars, I was introduced to the Lez Graham Slip & Clip Lead, I have used it today with a client who has 2 Patterdale Terriers. The Patterdales wear collars and so the owners were using a clip lead. They also had slip leads around their necks for using when in the fields. I tried the Slip and Clip which proved a big hit. Not only does do the two jobs in one, so less to carry, it also allows you to revert from slip to clip without your dog ever being off lead. They felt strong and are very light; I personally prefer the flat lead for corrections using just a finger.

North Wales Pack and Socialisation Walks

All I can say is wow amazing. I have two black Labradors molly and max both pull like mad on a lead. Walks were not fun at all it was painful and stressful for me. I have discs out in my back and neck and forever worry on walks that they would both pull me down. I’ve got the biggest collection of leads i could open my own shop, but none work a trainer suggest the gencon all in one and I have never looked back it’s amazing I’ve walk with them hold them with two fingers such a difference it’s made to my daily walks and I’m happy to get home and take them. I can’t wait to try them out when we go camping and visit all the little sea side town, and not have two dogs pull you so much all you wanted to do is go back to the camp sit. Amazing wonderful I never give feedback on any item but folks with pulling mutts get one and enjoy your walks more.

Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the retrieving roll. I have been slowly building up my young labrador’s training, and retrieving is one of the areas that she has been less than enthusiastic about. ‎So with renewed enthusiasm on my part & trying the retrieving roll with her, I now have a dog that will not only retrieve, but she will now retrieve to hand. It is not just the retrieving roll that she will now retrieve, but a variety of items. It is still early days, but I am thrilled with the results. Thank you!
Iris Thompson BSc(Hons) MCIEH, DMS

Not sure how else to post feedback – Just used the headcollar for the first time on our 8 month old Cocker Spaniel. Wow! She has pulled since she could walk and we have just had our first walk where my shoulder doesn’t feel like it’s been dislocated! The headcollar is brilliant- recommended to us by a friend we will now be recommending it to all our friends with dogs! Exactly as it says, gentle on the dog, easy to fit and perfect to stop pulling! Thanks Gencon!

I ordered the all-in-one Gencon for Star, our 5 year old Golden Retriever/Spaniel cross, and it arrived within a couple of days. We both love it. Star is very intelligent and polite with dogs he knows, he walks beside me on a loose lead, but he is scared of unknown dogs and becomes very reactive. As we have trained over the years I have worked him in headcollars for control while I tried to adjust his reactive behaviour but because he is a very strong dog he has occasionally pulled me over or pulled the lead from my hand. To be quite honest, Star’s biggest problem is probably me, because my stomach starts to churn when I see a strange dog approaching while I try to work out how we can evade it. However relaxed I try be, I don’t really feel it and I am never sure how much of that anxiety transmits to Star. I have worked Star in various headcollar’s and, in his younger days, muzzled him when we went in public and as a result he is not keen on things over his nose and even now, unless he is concentrating on other things, fusses to get the headcollar off. I read Lesley Graham’s recommendation of the Gencon in her book Training the Pet Gundog and wondered if it would be different from other headcollars I have used. The answer is most definitly ‘Yes’. Because it is light, Star is much more settled when he is wearing it. Because of the way it works, I have more confidence in being able to maintain control of him in situations which are potentially scarey for him and I hope that confidence transmits to him. And another couple of benefits – because I it is all-in-one, when I do take the headcollar off it is safely attached to the lead (I did lose a headcollar once because it fell out of my pocket) and the clip on the end of the lead means that when Star is off lead and I do see a strange dog approaching, I can quickly clip the lead on to his flat collar before I put his headcollar on. Thank you again so much. Our rehabilitation (Star’s and mine) has made another positive step in the right direction. I am now going to order one for a friend with an energetic extrovert young labrador.

The service and delivery were excellent. I ordered the Gencon All-In-One Clip to Collar for my 18 month old Staffie Bella. Walks were a nightmare previously and this “Wonder Lead” has miraculously changed our walks into an enjoyable experience for both of us and stopped pulling and lunging forward. You really MUST get one if you want to change any undesirable dog.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the all in one gencon. I have 2 young springer spaniels ( 1 aged 8 months , one aged 17 months) and the last few months have been a nightmare when i have had to walk them on their leads, they both pull and are very strong. I received the gencon all in one just as we were about to go out today and used them and had such an easy walk whilst they were on their leads ( they are let off once we reach the open spaces). they werent very happy with them initially but soon accepted them. I have used haltis and harnesses in the past with very poor results, I will be recommending this to friends and family who also have ”pulling dog” problems

Just wanted to say Thanks for our All-in-1 which we received today – “WOW!!

We have tried a <—>, a <—>, a <—> and a <—> so far, but they have all moved up into the dog’s eyes when tightening. The Gencon doesn’t do this. In addition, we compete in Gundog work and I’m looking forward to being able to use the All-in-1 walking across the fields to the test, then slipping off the nose part so it becomes a normal slip lead briefly, when I approach the judge. No more clumsy swapping between <—> and slip leads.

The Navy/Blue colour looks great on our Weimaraner!
Thanks again, will definitely recommend this one!

I would just like to say a Big Thank you to you for the three headcollars I received today. The service was amazing. Ordered on the Friday and delivered the following Tuesday, that’s service!

I have three very Hyper German Shepherd Dogs totalling 120 Kg in weight. I have just taken all three out and it was like walking three cats on a lead!!! Total control and it was a real pleasure to walk normally for a change and in total control At last I can take my dogs our for a walk instead of them taking me!! Thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to as many people as I can.

Having just found your Gencon All-in-1, I will never use or recommend any other! I have put one on my own six-month old GSD pup and it is fantastic. Far superior to any other Headcollar ever made!

Thanks for sending out the Gencon All-in-1 out so quickly to me. I am really impressed with the simple design and how effective it is. I have three dogs all different sizes from a Lurcher-GSD cross & terrier cross, the lead fits all of the perfectly. I teach at a local Dog Club and I will certainly recommend people with pulling dogs to send for one.

I have just bought a lead from my trainer and oh what a difference! He called it a miracle lead and he is so right! I have a new Doberman, 14 months old and although she is soft and lovely at all other times, she is hell on earth on the lead – but not any more!
I am writing to you because I am interested in another lead for my older dog but she needs to now walk on the right and I noticed you mention that on your packaging.

‘Effective & comfortable for owner & dog’

‘It is by far the best head collar I’ve come across’

Gencon are, without doubt, fine training aids and stop dogs pulling’