Don’t get us wrong, we love going on dog walks! But it can also be fun to switch it up and do something a bit more exciting. We’ve rounded up 10 exercises you can do with your dog, as well as some great Gencon products that enable you to work out with your dog. Don’t worry if you or your furry friend aren’t overly active! We’ve thought of something for every age and ability. 

1. Swimming With Your Dog


Whether your furry friend is an experienced swimmer or still needs some training, you can go for a swim together at your local lake, beach or river! It’s great for both your physical and mental health, as well as great entertainment for your dog. Always consider the water situation before you take the plunge, though. 

2. Playing Fetch In Your Local Park 

Play fetch with the lez graham retrieving roll

This is a great way to tire out dogs who need lots of exercise, get in some pet socialising and do some exercise yourself. Take your furry friend’s favourite ball, frisbee or other toys and teach them some retrieving tricks in the park. If your dog is still learning to fetch, Liz Graham’s Retrieving Roll can be a great resource to use!

3. Go for a Jog

Find a great running track nearby and work out with your dog! Whether it’s a public running track or an offroad path through the countryside, we’re sure your dog will love to take a slow jog with you to blow off some steam! The Gencon Clip Lead would be super handy to use on your jogs. 

4. Yoga for Dogs


For those who aren’t fond of any faced past exercise, you could try some doggy yoga! There are lots of great resources online that show you exactly how to perform certain exercises that can help to release muscle tension, improve circulation and improve overall health – for both you and your furry friend!


5. Football With Your Dog


Next time you play a game with your friends, why not take your dog along? We’re sure they’d love to chase the ball around with you for hours. This is a great way to get in some extra exercise for those dogs who need extra stimulation!


6. Get Them Involved in Your Workout


Are you someone who likes to work out at home or in the park? Next time, consider incorporating your dog’s training into your workout routine! When you’ve finished a set, ask them to do a trick too so they’re stimulated while you get to work out.


7. Dog Push-Ups


Only try this one if you have a small dog or a dog who can stay still for a while. See if you can get them to sit on your back while you do some push-ups – they’ll be enjoying cuddles while you get to do some exercise! This is a great way to work out with your dog. 

8. Puppy Skateboarding

Long Training Lead

Are you someone who loves to skate and has a dog who needs lots of exercise? Why not go for a slow skate around the block and see if your dog can keep up next to you. We’d recommend Gencon’s Long Clip Training Lead to ensure they have room to run alongside you.


9. Create an Obstacle Course

This is a fun activity that doesn’t require a lot! Find whatever you have lying around the house or garden and put together an obstacle course for your furry friend. You can run the course with them and train them how to jump over certain obstacles, learning lots of tricks along the way. Using a Gencon Slip Lead would be a great way of teaching them how to run the course!

10. Go For A Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride is one of the best forms of exercise out there! Invest in a lead with good control such as the Gencon All In One Head Collar, and head out on your favourite route! This will enable you to get in some good exercise, teach your furry friend some lead skills and give them some extra stimulation for the day!

Have Fun Exercising With Gencon Products

Gencon products are specifically designed to aid with training, walking and exercising your dogs! Check out our products today to find the perfect one for you, and don’t forget to check out more Gencon Hints & Tips for great advice on keeping your pet fit and healthy.