The subject of Dog Ice cream is something that’s talked about amongst dog owners every Summer when the Sun starts to shine and owners look for a tasty treat that will help their dogs cool down in warmer weather. We all know dogs should avoid milk so ask the question can dogs enjoy an ice cream substitute that keeps them cool this Summer?

We all scream for doggy Ice cream-1
Here at Gencon we are always on the lookout for great new products in the canine sector that tick all the boxes and enable dogs and their owners to live their best lives! We stumbled across this innovative doggy ice cream online and have been delighted to find it’s impressing dogs (and their owners) across the USA and it’s now arrived here in the UK. It’s called ‘Puppy Scoops’ and comes in a range of flavours so is perfect for even the fussiest of dogs.
We all scream for doggy Ice cream-2
It’s different to other ice cream products aimed at the canine market as it comes in a kit form for your dogs to enjoy at home. To make this grain free and all natural dog ice cream you simply add water and freeze, enabling your dog to graze on their cold treat and hopefully cool down in the warmer weather. This puppy ice cream is made by simply adding water to the kit and then freezing which results in a tasty (for dogs) and creamy ice cream treat that can be healthily enjoyed by your dog one scoops at a time. The Puppy scoops Ice cream treat went down really well in the Gencon head office and we are pleased to announce that the brand makes a range of different flavours that will last your dog all Summer long.

This great product is an ideal occasional treat for dogs throughout the Summer months!