There are so many types of leads to choose from. You may choose a lead due to its style, its colour, or because your dog has a special requirement which means it needs a specialist lead. But, with so many different leads out there, how do you decide which is best for you and your pup?


At Gencon, we work with dog trainers and dog owners to develop leads that help you and your dog bring the fun back to walk time.  In this blog, we will discuss the purpose of the different leads we have at Gencon, so you can decide which will work for your best friend.

Types of dog leads available at Gencon

At Gencon, we have lots of different types of dog leads. The one you choose for your furry friend will depend on their behaviour, size and what you are looking for. 




Gencon Clip-To-Collar Headcollar for dogs

All-In-One Dog Headcollar and Clip to Collar Gencon Dog Headcollar

Our All-In-One Dog Headcollar and our Clip to Collar Headcollar are fantastic training leads that can prevent your dog from pulling. Although similar in design and purpose, the Clip to Collar Headcollar comes with an additional trigger hook at the handle end.


One size fits all, so no matter the size or breed of your pooch, you can enjoy walkies together with minimal fuss. If your dog has long hair or is a particularly large breed, we also have an Extra Wide Clip To Collar.


Our Gencon Dog Headcollar provides more control and training than a regular collar. Like the All-In-One and Clip to Collar, it sits over your dog’s muzzle and neck. However, it requires you to use your own lead. 


Our Dog Headcollar comes in size Small-XLarge, but we also have it available in X Wide (25mm) for larger dogs and a Mini All-In-One Dog Headcollar for smaller breeds.

 Slips Leads For Dogs And Puppies

Gencon Slip Leads

Slip leads are fantastic for quickly and calmly taking control of your dog. They don’t need to clip to a collar and can be taken on and off quickly and easily. Our slip leads adjust to the size of your pet’s neck and is perfect for training and working dogs.
We have two types of slip leads at Gencon, our Gencon Dog Slip Lead and our Lez Graham Slip & Clip Lead which can be used as a clip lead for puppies and a slip lead for dogs who are confident walking to heel.

Clip Lead For Dogs From Gencon

Gencon Clip Leads

Our Clip On Dog Lead is 45” long and matches our Gencon headcollars. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can mix and match to suit your style. We also have a 15 metre Long Clip Training Lead, so you can comfortably teach your dog best practices. 

The best type of lead for a dog that pulls

If your dog is pulling on the lead, we recommend investing in an All-In-One Headcollar. This gives you more control over your furry friend and will gently train them to stop pulling. As your dog heels to you, the neck strap relaxes, therefore positively reinforcing their good behaviour.

Shop dog leads and dog accessories at Gencon

Whether you are looking for a dog lead for training, a new accessory or a lead that can keep up with you and your dog’s active lifestyle, we have the product for you.

Discover our Gencon All-in-1 Headcollar, Clip to Collar, and our range of leads in our online store today!