It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – and your four-legged friend can join in the fun! If you’re looking to treat your pooch this Christmas, we have a range of accessories and dog training equipment that will help bring you and your pet even closer together. See some of our top picks for your dog’s stocking this year:

#1 Lez Graham Retrieving Roll

An essential training tool, the Lez Graham retrieving roll is the perfect compact gift your pet is sure to love! Ideal for introducing your puppy to canvas at a young age, the roll will give your pet more confidence as they begin to train in retrieving. Shop online now.

#2 Dog Slip Lead

The Gencon Dog Slip Lead is a lightweight, useful training tool that will make getting your pet on and off the lead a simple, hassle-free process. As an adaptable lead, the slip lead is ideal for any breed of pet and can help prevent them from pulling. Buy yours online now.

#3 Gencon Link

Give extra security for your pet on walks with the Gencon link – a secure link that attaches to the D-ring of a conventional collar. Recommended by dog training experts, the link removes the risk of your pets being able to back out of their headcollar. Slip one into your pet’s stocking today.

#4 Reflective Clip To Collar

Be seen and be safe with the Gencon Reflective Clip To Collar. This stylish black lead has a reflective strip for complete safety in the dark, making it the ideal piece of equipment for the Winter season. The end of this reflective lead can be made to form a handle or can be clipped to your dog’s own collar to form a loop – making it ideal for particularly wriggly and excitable pets. Shop online now.


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At Gencon, we pride ourselves on designing highly effective equipment to help give owners and their pets confidence when training. Make sure this Winter is a special one with your pet, with our range of high quality leads, headcollars and more.

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