The warmer weather and the summer months often mean more time socialising with friends at a barbecue, relaxing on the beach with a book, or taking a long stroll through the countryside. This is the case for us humans anyway, but without the proper care and attention, the summer heat can get dangerous quickly for our four-legged friends. 


Both owners and dogs can enjoy the hot weather safely with some prior planning and small adjustments. Keep your dog healthy and happy with our top hints and tips for looking after your dog in the summer heat. 


1. Go for walks in the early morning or late afternoon

Should I be walking dogs in hot weather? Dogs are energetic animals and still need their daily exercise even when it’s during the summer heat. 

Adjust your walking routine to allow for cooler temperatures in the morning and evening and take the exercise down a notch or two – leave the toys at home and consider a gentle walk on a lead instead.


2. Provide plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink

Hydration is key at all moments of the day, including at home in the shade. When taking your dog for a walk, remember to carry plenty of water with you. We recommend investing in a portable bottle and bowl that you can carry easily when out and about.

Experiment with different ways to encourage your dog to drink more. Whether that’s through making dog-friendly treats such as ice lollies, or placing ice cubes in your dog’s bowl.


3. Get clued up on the signs of heatstroke 

When walking dogs in hot weather it’s easy for your dog to overheat and become at risk of heatstroke. 

Although any dog can develop heatstroke, it is more common in overweight dogs, young or elderly dogs, and dogs of certain breeds. Look out for signs that your dog may be struggling, such as excessive panting, confusion, weakness and shaking, and vomiting or diarrhea. 

If a situation like this arises, it’s important to contact your vets immediately and stay calm. 


4. Ensure your dog’s coat is regularly trimmed

Grooming is an excellent way to take the heat off your dog in the summer months. A thick and dark coat can become knotted and uncomfortable, especially when it’s warm out.

Regular grooming can help your dog regulate their temperature more effectively. Speak to a professional as they will know what’s best for your dog’s individual needs.


5. Purchase some dog-friendly suncream

Take the necessary precaution to minimise sunburn by applying some dog-friendly suncream to exposed areas.

In a similar way to humans, a dog’s skin can become very irritated and sore if sunburnt. As your dog is most likely going to try and lick the suncream off their skin, talk to your vets first – they can recommend the best brand for your dog. 

6. Stick to the shade when walking your dog

Your dog’s paws are very sensitive to heat. When concrete or tarmac has been exposed to direct sunlight, it gets far too hot for your dog to walk on. Stick to the shade or grass when walking dogs in hot weather. 


Don’t let the summer heat stop you from getting out and about with your pup. For more tips and updates, why not sign up for our newsletter or get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions!