Basil is a brilliant puppy, he works hard and is exceptionally intelligent. However, sometimes when REALLY EXCITING things happen he pulls on the lead.

I began to think that perhaps this wasn’t brilliant for him as with a traditional collar and lead it seemed to be putting strain on his neck. I have been reluctant to use a harness as I believe (rightly or wrongly) that a harness can encourage a dog to ‘lean’ into you. Dogs like some forms of pressure (it’s how a thunder jacket works) so I wanted a solution that would still encourage Basil to walk on a loose lead without hurting him when he pulled me.

Solution? Introducing the GenCon. (

Worth stopping here, before I tell you about our experience, and say that there is no magic solution. Dogs are animals that are strong willed and love to chase things. A young puppy is no exception to this, regardless of gadgets or how many training classes I attend with him!!

The GenCon works as a figure of eight head collar around Basil’s neck and nose, when he pulls forward or off to the side, the head collar puts gentle pressure on his head to let him know that he can’t bolt away. When Basil steps back beside me the pressure is instantly released.

The reviews on the website are glowing, check them out here. Plus there are also lots of good information on their website about different use cases and products here.

I decided to give it a go and Basil hasn’t looked back since! He is a lot happier in this than any other leads I have tried, no pulling, no bolting off. Brilliant!

A final thought, Basil does know how to walk on the lead without pulling. Lots of training has gone into him and lots of hard work… GenCon doesn’t replace this, it makes the moments of extreme excitement more pleasant for both.