After a muddy walk, trying to get your dog clean is a nightmare! It may be easy just to take them professionally to be cleaned, but when you know how easy it is and how great these shampoos and conditioners are, you’ll be able to do it at home for a fraction of the price!

Firstly, here’s some questions you might want answered…

Why can’t I use human Shampoo and Conditioner?

It seems easy grabbing your favourite shampoo and conditioner on the dog, and although on the odd occasion it won’t do them much harm, it won’t be helpful on their coat or skin, sop generally it’s not a good idea.

If in case of emergency you have to use a shampoo or conditioner that isn’t made for dogs, opt for a more gentle formula that could be used on babies or children.

How often should I bathe my dog?

It really does vary on the dog; their coat, breed, lifestyle and habits. If they’re generally outside a lot playing in the dirt then you’re probably best washing them every four to six weeks, but if they tend to get smelly in-between these washes you might want to just opt for a all over water rinse.

If, by any chance, one day your dog gets particularly muddy, and so muddy you can just about see their eyes then you’re probably best washing them there and then, even if their ‘scheduled’ wash isn’t for another two weeks.

If your dog spends a lot more time indoors, or out of the dirt then they might not need a bath from between 2 to 3 months, depending on how smelly they get.

But overall it depends on how much time you have, if you have the time to wash them every two weeks then do that, but if you can leave it as long as three months, that’s okay too!

What could happen if I bathe my dog too often?

The best way to solve this one, is answering for yourself! What happens if you wash your hair too often? Does it dry out your hair and scalp – this is what will happen to their skin and coat.

It could lead to itching and irritation which can be very uncomfortable for them.

If you shampoo your dog too often their coat could loose it’s shine, just like our hair looses it’s natural oils if we wash it too much.

What happens if I don’t bathe my dog often enough? 

All the dirt and germs that have been caught in their coat and skin will start to build up and cause just as much, maybe more then if you bathe them too often.

Try and keep to regular washes, as pointed to above and your dogs’ coat and skin will be kept healthy and maintained.

How do I bathe my dog?

This could potentially be one of the most difficult parts of the whole topic – how do you wash your dog? Some dogs will be fine with it but some dogs may react differently, it all depends on whether they like water already, how nervous they are etc.

It may sounds easy – just put them into the bath, wet them down, lather in shampoo and conditioner, rinse off and dry, but the better results come with this routine. Here’s some tips and a routine on how to wash your dog…

  1. Brush – Remove any tangles or debris in their coat.
  2. Prepare – Bath time can get quite messy so make sure the room is ready with treats, towels and more.
  3. Temperature – The water should be lukewarm so that it’s a comfortable temperature.
  4. Non-slip mat – If you can, have a non-slip mat on the bath floor so that that don’t slip.
  5. Protect – It can really sting if shampoo or conditioner gets into their eyes or ears – add petroleum jelly around the eyes and cotton wool balls in their ears.
  6. Rinse – Make sure you  rinse thoroughly, you should o this until the water runs clear.
  7. The Aftermath – Once you’ve finished be prepared with a towel as they’re likely to want to shake the water off.
  8. Towel – instead of rubbing them dry, blot them dry to stop their coat tangling.
  9. Finished – You’ve completed it, just make sure your dog stays warm until they’re all dry and you should be all good, and smelling fresh!

Now, onto the best shampoos and conditioners you can use – Our top Three…

We definitely agree with this list, follow his link to find some of the best shampoo and conditioners for dogs, whatever their needs are…

Don’t forget your Gencon!

The Gencon® All-in-1 and Headcollars are made from soft yet durable fabric and are specifically designed not to pull up into your dog’s eyes or uncomfortably turn their head, making them the perfect lead training accessories for grown dogs and puppy walking. The Gencon consists of two simple loops that apply gentle pressure when your dog pulls, the lead gently but effectively stops your dog pulling forwards.

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Hudson is incredible on his Gencon and over the months his confidence has increased and his anxiety lessened. The Gencon ensures no pulling and no lunges. Our walks are an absolute pleasure. I have complete confidence in the Gencon and have recommended it to a number of people.

Ali Lewis

Max, my ESS is still a puppy but weighs 16kg already so walking him is a struggle. A lady recommended I buy a Gencon lead. She has an active Cocker Spaniel and it was an “Instant” relief walking her dog. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how true her words are of “Instant”. We’ve been on a walk & I’ve come back with my arms in their sockets still! This will make a huge difference for both Max & myself. This is a massive game changer!

Mrs Jayne Booth

Here at Woodside, we use the Gencon all-in-1 with clip to collar. We have found them simple to use and very effective at controlling any size dog. Most dogs accept the Gencon quickly with little fuss, making training so much easier. Gencon’s are now part of our uniform and we recommend them to any new owner taking home one of our four legged friends.


RSPCA Advisor

The Gencon extra wide head collar is a brilliant piece of kit. Using it has transformed my headstrong flatcoat into a manageable dog who walks demurely by my side. There is no pressure and just the lightest contact, so we can enjoy on lead walking instead of an unseemly battle.

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Did you know?

The Gencon dog head collar is recommended by The Guild of Dog Trainers