Are you curious how to teach a dog to stop pulling on the lead? The evolution of the regular dog lead has come leaps and bounds over the last decade. Although the regular flat lead may work for some of our furry friends, there’s now many dog leads available on the market that can help your dog to excel during training. Gencon specifically design leads that help to teach dogs good behaviour and to minimise pulling – let’s take a look at some favourites!


Traditional Dog Clip Lead




Traditional Dog Clip Lead

The classic clip-on lead is a great option for general training with regards to learning to heal or becoming comfortable on the lead. The clip-on lead may be well suited for some dogs, but others may need more guidance with leads that have been specifically developed for limiting pulling. Gencon clip-on leads are made with a specially designed fabric that’s both durable and comfortable – helping you to feel confident when walking your furry friend. Gencon also offer a long clip-on lead which is one of the best training leads for dogs out there!

Dog Headcollars For Pulling 

Headcollar for dogs

Headcollars have become a popular choice for many dog owners in recent years. Wrapping around the nose, this type of dog lead is specifically designed to apply slight pressure to your dog when they begin to pull – to then be released when they stop. This process reinforces the behaviour of walking on a loose lead each time the headcollar is used. Our Gencon All-in-one Headcollar is designed with practicality and comfort in mind for both you and your furry friends, making it one of the best training leads for dogs

For added security, Gencon also offers the Clip to Collar All-in-one Headcollar for dogs who excessively pull. This type of dog lead has been developed after extensive research into dog psychology and obedience training and is widely recommended by vets and trainers.  

Dog Slip Leads For Control

Dog Slip Lead

Another popular type of dog lead is the slip lead. One of the easiest and most effective ways  of teaching a dog to stop pulling, this type of lead loops around the dog’s neck and applies slight pressure when they begin to pull. This once again reinforces the desired behaviour of walking on a loose lead, which your dog begins to learn with regular practice. This lead is extremely easy to slip on and off your dog without the need for any clips. You can find an effective and practical slip lead with Gencon today!

Professional Collection of Dog Leads


Leads that have been recommended by professionals are some of best training leads for dogs on the market. At Gencon, we have a range in collaboration with leading gun dog trainer Lez Graham, including a slip and clip lead, brace lead and retrieving roll. These products are specifically designed to give both you and your dog confidence when training. 

Excel In Dog Training With Gencon

Gencon dog leads for training

Ready to invest in a Gencon lead? Each owner will find a lead that specifically works for them and their furry friend. However, Gencon specifically recommend the All-in-one Headcollar for optimal results as widely recommended by vets and trainers. Discover our great products in our online store today and make walking your dog a truly enjoyable experience from here onwards!