The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll

By far the most common problems that I see in my gundog training classes are owners struggling with dogs either not wanting to go pick up a retrieving item or, funnily enough, not want to bring it back. Bearing in mind that the dog is a social predator and has […] Read more »


Good luck to those Competing In The 2015 European Open Championships The Kennel Club sends its very best wishes to the members of Agility Team GB who are travelling to the European Open Agility Championships, being held in Rieden, Germany from 23rd – 26th July 2015. Mark Laker, Agility Team […] Read more »

The Gencon Head-collar as a training aid…

dog head collar from Gencon

Use the Gencon Dog head collar in your dogs training- article by Ross McCarthy (dog behaviorist) The ideal for most people is their dog or dogs walking on a nice loose lead along with a flat leather collar walking in harmony with the owner. Whilst the Gencon by design stops […] Read more »

Dog Fears Explained-Author Jo Croft Canine Behaviour Practitioner

gencon scared dog

Introduction Fear is the instinctive feeling of anxiety, a motivational state resulting from a situation, person or object or noise perceived by the dog as a danger or threat. This fear triggers appropriate adaptive responses known as the ‘freeze, flight or fight’ response, brought about by a complex system in […] Read more »

First Aid Tips From An Expert

Emergency First Aid for Dogs involved in a Road Traffic Accident Dogs love to play outside. They love to run, to chase and sometimes if someone leaves a door open they can take themselves off on an adventure. If they get struck by a car this can end in tragedy […] Read more »

How to stop your dog stealing food and objects…

Gencon dog training article

Dogs stealing and scavenging inside and outside the home is an all too common problem and one that is infuriating for owners and potentially dangerous for the dog. Unfortunately owner reactions are generally instinctive towards this issue, led with emotional responses of vocalisation and chasing of the dog. This invariably […] Read more »