All About The Retrieving Roll

Want to find out more about what our products do? You’ve come to the right place! We have a series of blogs all about our products so you can find out a little bit more about them… Today we’re talking about the ‘Retrieving Roll‘, the retrieving roll is part of […] Read more »

Dog Friendly Beaches UK

It’s getting to that time of year again, as long as the snow disappears, then we should be all right. As we start to see that first bit of sun we all get very excited, and we whip out our sunglasses, even the dogs do! Like most people and their […] Read more »

Facts About Dogs…

We think we all know so much about our four-legged furry friends, but did you know any of these facts? Let us know over on our social media… Dogs have their own ‘fingerprint’ Dogs’ paws are all pretty generic and you normally can’t tell one from the other, but their […] Read more »

Crufts Is Near And This Is What You Can Expect…

Crufts is approaching us, on the 8-11th of March to be exact and if you have your ticket, or you’re waiting to buy one, then this is what you can except for Crufts 2018. There’s always so much fun and exciting things happening everywhere at every time so it’s a […] Read more »

Looking After Older Dogs

Dogs can actually live longer than 12 years, but it’s time to start looking out for signs and making them feel that little bit more comfortable. You want to ensure that your four legged friend remains happy and healthier in their more mature years. Your older dog will need more […] Read more »

What’s In-Store | Training aids and Accessories | Gencon

If you didn’t already know we have a range of Training aids and Accessories alongside our famous Gencon® All-in-1 and Headcollars. Our Training aids and Accessories range includes The Lez Graham range too. Read on to find out more… “We were delighted when Lez Graham approached us with her new product ideas, […] Read more »

Why Do Dogs Need a Holiday Just as Much as Humans?

We all look forward to a break whether it’s short, long, far or close, but we all say one things and that is ‘We need it’, but have you every thought about your dog? You may not know this but dogs can just as crazy without a break too! But […] Read more »

Our Favourite Products and Bestsellers

Of course, we love all of the products we sell at Gencon, but we combined our favourites at Gencon HQ and our bestsellers, to come up with this list of ‘Our Favourite Products’. 1 – All-in-One, Black, £17.95 The All-in-One is our original and bestselling collar we sell, and Black […] Read more »

A Dog’s Christmas Dinner

So, your dog wants to join in on the Christmas fun! Unfortunately, dogs can’t eat everything on your Christmas dinner plate, but this is what they can, or these alternatives will do too! Turkey – Turkey is fine, just don’t let them have the turkey bones as these can splinter! […] Read more »

How to Spoil Your Dog at Christmas? – Gencon

For the dog who has everything already, what can you get your four-legged furry friend for the most wonderful time of the year? Read on for some present inspiration and ideas… Bake some Christmas Treats We love baking, and especially for our dogs! It’s a great way to mix and […] Read more »

Dog Advent Calendars 2017 – Gencon

The 1st of December is very soon, and you know what means, Advent Calendars! As we do every year, we show that they’re not just for humans, but for our furry four-legged friends too! We’ve searched and searched for our top favourites so that your pup won’t have to miss […] Read more »

Christmas Gift Guide For Dogs: Gifts For Under £5

It may only be the 2nd of November, but if you’re anything like us you’re already thinking about Christmas, or ‘preparing’ as we like to call it. We know how much everyone enjoyed reading our ‘Christmas Gift Guide For Dogs’, so we had to bring it back! This gift guide […] Read more »

Winter Care for Dogs

Many pet owners, especially dog ones, have a misconception that they’d be fine outside in Winter because they have fur, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. In the cold weather dogs still need help for warmth and these tips will help! Some of these tips you may of never […] Read more »

Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

Although Halloween can be a fun time for parents and children, pets can find it a nightmare. Stop the stress and dangers for your dog by following these easy and proven steps. Trick and Treat gifts are not for dogs All forms of chocolate, unless packaging specifically says it’s safe […] Read more »

Collars for Large or Long Haired Dogs

Whether your dog is large or have long hair it can become difficult when collars’ width is so small. This means it could tug or pull on the long hair or not be strong enough to handle a large dog. From lots of requests, we released our first ever wide […] Read more »