Dog Food Mazes Explored

If your dog woofs its food down in seconds then you may be keen to explore some of the ways of slowing things down a bit and allowing your dog more time to eat their food. The invention of a dog food maze allows your dog to turn meal times […] Read more »

Preparing Your Dog To Meet a Baby

Your dog is very in tune with you, so they could know that something is different, and with a big moment like pregnancy and the new arrival, your pooch might sense something is up. Also, you need to be prepared because a baby is very, very fragile, so here are a […] Read more »

Ways To Make a Dog Walk More Fun

Bored of the same walks every day? Here are some ways that you can make your dog walk more fun for you and your pooch. Let Your Dog Do The Walking Obviously, if your dog isn’t used to walking off the lead, or you walk near a busy road this […] Read more »

Disaster Preparation For Dogs – Gencon

Although it’s not as common to get a disaster in the UK, it’ something we should all be wary of. Get prepared with these top tips! If you think about it, you might just have realised that you’ve left your dog out of your evacuation plan. Although, it’s alright to say […] Read more »

How To Pick The Best Dog Daycare? – Gencon

The life saver for dog owners – The Doggy Daycare. For people who work or just need someone for their pooch to stay for the day, dog daycare seems like the best option! It’s important to choose the right one, so we’ve narrowed down some tips on what you should look […] Read more »

Best Dog Walks In The UK – Gencon

We love good dog walks, but sometimes it can get a bit boring walking the same route every day! So here are some fun, new and exciting walks that’ll make you and your four-legged canine friend very happy! There are many fun routes and trails all around the UK, so here […] Read more »

Dog Holidays: Where To Go? – Gencon

Welcome to our holiday series, dog holidays,  where we tell you how you can successfully take your dog on holiday! Whether you stay in the UK or go abroad, count on us to help you get there in our dog holidays series! There are lots of locations all around the […] Read more »

How Long Can You Leave a Dog on it’s Own? – Gencon

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It’s always been a topic that sparks conversation, how long can you leave a dog on its own for? So, we’ve researched high and low for the answer and we have one for you today, keep reading to find out… We like to compare this with the questions how long should […] Read more »

Can Dogs Get Hay Fever Too? – Gencon

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For someone with Hayfever summertime isn’t something they’ll look forward to but have you ever given this a thought – can dogs get hayfever. It’s never been talked about much so no-ones knows about it, so today we’re going to break that barrier and give you all the inside details on pooches and […] Read more »

How To Introduce a Dog? – Gencon

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So, you’ve got a new dog? The problem is you don’t know how they’re going to react with the other resident of the house. Here are some helpful top tips to help you get through this ‘meeting’! If you have another dog this might be the best place to start. […] Read more »

Clubs For Dogs?! – Gencon

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Are you missing out on taking your children to dance class on a Sunday or to football on a Tuesday night? Don’t worry, you can take your pooch instead with these 5 fun clubs for dogs! We recommend that you don’t force your dog to do these sports like you wouldn’t with […] Read more »

How Much Can Owning A Dog Cost?

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It’s no secret that buying a puppy can be expensive! Not only is there the price of your new pet but there’s all the equipment too… bed, toys, collar… the list could go on! But what about when your pup has grown up? How much can you expect to spend […] Read more »