It’s a dog’s life! Freddie’s holiday adventure!

This is Freddie, the two year old Labrador cross who’s still full of puppy energy! Freddie enjoyed a holiday to Wales last week and his owner’s have sent us his holiday snaps for us to enjoy here at Gencon! We’ve loved seeing what Freddie got up to on his holiday and […] Read more »

3 Top Dog Toys Under £10 This Summer

The dog toys that catch your dogs attention most are often some of the cheapest ones to purchase, which is why we are sharing some of the cheapest and best dog toys on the market as we kick off Summer 2017 The range of dog toys now available is huge […] Read more »

Dog Holidays: Pet Passports For Dogs Explained

dog holidays

Welcome to our holiday series, dog holidays,  where we tell you how you can successfully take your dog on holiday! Want to take your pooch with you on holiday but have no idea how pet passports work? The Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) has been going since February 2000, this is […] Read more »

Abigail, Angus and Eddie Review – Gencon

dog head collar

“We want to spread the love about your great products. They have helped us so much. Made walking much more enjoyable!” Do you have any Gencon pictures?! You can Tweet us; @genconallin1, Facebook us; GenconAllin1 or tell us over on Instagram; @gencon_allin1! The Gencon® All-in-1 and Headcollars are made from […] Read more »

‘Animal’ Dog Toys-Best For Summer 2017

Chickens, Puppies and more we have picked the coolest dog toys for 2017! As we fast approach the Summer days we all dream of (dogs included) thoughts start to turn to what dog toys to pack for holiday and which of your dogs favourite Spring toys will be made redundant […] Read more »

Gadgets for Dogs!

dog head collar

  Gadgets aren’t just for us humans but for our four legged friends too! The advances in high-tech doggie gadgets means that there’s loads to choose from! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10! 10.  iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher Playing fetch with an excitable pup can be exhausting and while […] Read more »

Posh Dog Toys! Summer 2017 Review

If your dog turns their nose up at your offerings from the local pet shop and is more likely to play with your tweed slippers than a bog standard 99p tennis ball then the chances are the toys in this review will be at home in their dog toy box. […] Read more »

Novelty Dog Beds For Under £20!

The Gencon team have been busy browsing some of the bargain superstores today to ensure your dog can rest easily in one of the best novelty dog beds on the market without you having to splash the cash. This range of dog beds may be super cheap but that doesn’t […] Read more »

New Summer 2017 Gencon Dog Paddling Pool Guide

dog head collar from Gencon

Hot, Hot, Hot thats how most dogs will be feeling in the UK this week with the sudden blast of hot air that has been hanging around this week. Summer’s in the UK don’t tend to get that hot with the mercury staying around the low 20’s, but when the […] Read more »

Healthy Fruit and Veggies For Dogs

You may be surprised to know that fruit and veg can be just as healthy for dogs as they are for us. But make sure you’re clued up on the benefits of these veggie delights and which ones your pooch should avoid. Fruits and Veg That Are Safe For Dogs… […] Read more »

Should We Be Pampering Our Dogs? – Gencon

dog wash, dog pamper

Now, it depends on what we mean by pampering. Is that taking them to get they nails done? Or making sure we brush them once a day? Find out more when you read on… Pampering a dog can show them how much you truly care about them, and also it’s a great […] Read more »

Dogs at The Royal Wedding! – Gencon

queen and corgis

We love dogs and so do the Royal Family! But will Pippa Middleton be walking down the aisle with her Lab and Spaniel this Saturday? Let’s get up to date… Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Kate Middleton who married Prince William, is having her wedding to James Matthew this Saturday. Pippa […] Read more »

How well will you do in our new… DOG QUIZ?

pet photographer

We all know how much we love our dogs but how much do we really know about them? Take the Gencon fun trivia quiz to find out!   1. What was the most popular name we chose for our pooches last year? a) Bella b)Benji c) Bear C! Gone are […] Read more »

Fantastic Review From Oonagh Rafferty on Facebook – Gencon

dog head collar

We’re so glad to hear such a great review from a Gencon purchase on Facebook! “I recently bought one for my dad who has a 3 year old German shepherd called Jessie. He thinks it’s the best invention he’s ever come across for dogs. He’s experienced with a lot of breeds […] Read more »