Pawfect Pets – Doggy Daycare, Boarding and Pet Sitting – Gencon Review

*ANYONE WITH A DOG THAT PULLS* We love Sadie but she really gives my arm and shoulder a work out every time we go out as her hedge diving desire is just too much. HOWEVER having recently been sent a complimentary head collar from Gencon I thought I’d give it […] Read more »

Reflective Collar Review – Abigail, Eddie and Angus

“The new Reflective clip to collar is fantastic! With the nights drawing in, being seen is a must. The lead is reflective all the way along the head collar and down the lead. It really catches the light when a car goes past or under a street light. Angus is […] Read more »

Wide Collar Review – Abigail, Eddie and Angus

“The extra wide clip to collar is great for Angus and Eddie as they are very furry so it sits nice and comfortable on their nose and doesn’t ride up into their eyes. If you have a dog that is bigger and stronger this lead is perfect as you can […] Read more »

Basil The Dogs Review

basil dog head collar 2

Basil is a brilliant puppy, he works hard and is exceptionally intelligent. However, sometimes when REALLY EXCITING things happen he pulls on the lead. I began to think that perhaps this wasn’t brilliant for him as with a traditional collar and lead it seemed to be putting strain on his […] Read more »

Alfie Bear’s Review of the Gencon All in 1

alfie bear gencon dog head collar

When it comes to heel work, the majority of the time Alfie can be wonderful, there is nothing more rewarding than walking along with your best friend pottering along at your side, taking the occasion glance up making sure that he is still in sync with you. There still was […] Read more »

Highland Dog Blog Gencon All in One Review

gencon dog head collar spaniel

Selkie is a very strong-willed wee spaniel. She is also very clever and has excelled at all kinds of training. With one notable exception. She (and HDB!) simply cannot get “walking nicely on the lead” no matter how hard we try. And we’ve tried, believe me, we’ve tried…….. …..Of the […] Read more »

Paws and Prada Gencon All in One Review

airedale terrier gencon head collar

At the start of the year I mentioned that one of my 2016 resolutions for Bruce was to get him to walk calmly on a loose lead in new and busy areas. I can’t even begin to tell you how well this has been going, and it just shows that a […] Read more »

Lilly Meets the Gencon all-in-1.

Gencon All-in-1…Approved by Lilly! We we’re very pleased to read this review by Emma and Lilly of the Website Lillypaws who reviewed the Gencon all-in-1. “There comes a point in time in a dog owner’s life where their dog decides to pull. This usually ends up in a miserable walk for the […] Read more »