Crufts is approaching us, on the 8-11th of March to be exact and if you have your ticket, or you’re waiting to buy one, then this is what you can except for Crufts 2018.

There’s always so much fun and exciting things happening everywhere at every time so it’s a good idea to plan what you want to see and do, these are a few of the things we’re excited for this year…


With a massive 22,000 dogs and 550 trade stands there’s definitely something always happening!


  • Day One/Thursday,March 8th – Working and Pastoral Breeds
  • Day Two/Friday, March 9th – Terrier and Hound Breeds
  • Day Three/Saturday, March 10th – Toy and Utility Breeds
  • Day Four/Sunday,March 11th – Gundog Breeds and Best in Show

Each day will host a ‘Best in Show’ which will be on from 4:45pm until 9pm. As well as an ‘obedience ring’ which will start at 8:15am.

Coming to Crufts means there’s always something to see, including The Arena which showcases fantastic displays and competitions, The ‘Good Citizen Dog Scheme’ Training ring, which is the UK’s largest dog training programme and a dog activities ring where you’ll be able to learn how to show off your dog’s potential.

Though, you don’t have to have a dog with you to come along! If you visit the ‘Discover Dogs’ section you can meet over 200 breeds of dogs so you can decide which breed would be best for you.

You’ll also be able to talk to their owners and experts to find out more about each dog!

You can forget ‘Scruffts’! Scruffts is the “nation’s favourite crossbreed competition”. Why not enter your crossbreed or go along to see the many varieties! Find our more about Scruffts here…

Message from Crufts…

Please note that unfortunately NO DOGS other than those that have been invited by the Kennel Club and Assistance Dogs are permitted into the show.”

Don’t worry if you can’t make the event, you can actually watch it, Crufts are most likely to live stream the event, but you can also see highlights on their Youtube.

In 2017, there was a TV programme presented by Clare Balding on Channel 4, so we have our fingers crossed that they’ll do the same this year. Keep checking online and on their social media for more details…

Although, if you’d like to attend and see the show live, see here to purchase your tickets.

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RSPCA Advisor

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Did you know?

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