We all look forward to a break whether it’s short, long, far or close, but we all say one things and that is ‘We need it’, but have you every thought about your dog? You may not know this but dogs can just as crazy without a break too! But why is this? Keep reading to find out…

Just like us dogs can feel stressed too, as well as lonely especially if their owners are out for long periods on time throughout the week for work etc. Holidays are a great way for family and friends to come together to spend quality time with each other, and it’s no different for dogs.

If you’re feeling relaxed on holiday, the most chance is that your dog is too.

As much as we love spending time with our four-legged friends, they actually enjoy spending time with us too. So make this holiday about mush needed family time, and this includes the dog too.

If you’re thinking of taking a break that involves some kind of walking, sport or any type of exercise for that matter, then it’s the perfect chance to bring along your pooch! Going to a beach? Dogs love to roam and run around on the beach, they may even go for a paddle!

Another great benefit of taking your dog on holiday is new experiences. Your pooch may be used to the same woods, or the same road you’d normally walk on, but with a new place it’s the perfect opportunity to allow your dog to smell and see new things; a change of scenery for you and the dog.

It’s also a great way to socialise, lots of dog owners will also take their dog away which means you and your dog can meet new friends along the way too!

As well as having a more active dog, they’ll also benefit for their long-term behaviour too. A change of scenery can be a great time to do some training too, and if they’re happier the training techniques are more likely to sink in! What a great way to quick start some new techniques!

When going away there are a number of things to consider…

  • Accommodation – You’ll need to make sure you have dog-friendly accommodation that’s designed for owners bringing pets, this could also mean that there are dog-friendly parks on site (if staying in a resort), and nearby trails, beaches or woodland walks. 
  • Travelling – Trying to travel with a dog may sound tricky, but it’s particularly easy. Though before setting off you need to think through how far you’re going, and whether your pooch is good with car journeys. The best way to deal with this is making sure they’ve had plenty of exercise, they have plenty of water and food, and that they have somewhere comfortable to sit. Don’t forget to try and make as many regular stops as you can, depending on how far you travel so they’re able to stretch their legs.
  • Location – Think beaches, forests and more. Try and find the perfect location that has lots of walking places and dog friendly attractions, such as restaurants, pubs and tearooms.
  • Just in Case – Before going on holiday, or just when you get there, don’t forget to research the local pet emergency centre or vets, because you can never be too sure. Some accommodation places may offer these details in a handbook, but research this just in case.

We hope these hints, tips and facts have given you some help and thoughts on taking your dog on holiday.

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Hudson is incredible on his Gencon and over the months his confidence has increased and his anxiety lessened. The Gencon ensures no pulling and no lunges. Our walks are an absolute pleasure. I have complete confidence in the Gencon and have recommended it to a number of people.

Ali Lewis

Max, my ESS is still a puppy but weighs 16kg already so walking him is a struggle. A lady recommended I buy a Gencon lead. She has an active Cocker Spaniel and it was an “Instant” relief walking her dog. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how true her words are of “Instant”. We’ve been on a walk & I’ve come back with my arms in their sockets still! This will make a huge difference for both Max & myself. This is a massive game changer!

Mrs Jayne Booth

Here at Woodside, we use the Gencon all-in-1 with clip to collar. We have found them simple to use and very effective at controlling any size dog. Most dogs accept the Gencon quickly with little fuss, making training so much easier. Gencon’s are now part of our uniform and we recommend them to any new owner taking home one of our four legged friends.


RSPCA Advisor

The Gencon extra wide head collar is a brilliant piece of kit. Using it has transformed my headstrong flatcoat into a manageable dog who walks demurely by my side. There is no pressure and just the lightest contact, so we can enjoy on lead walking instead of an unseemly battle.

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Did you know?

The Gencon dog head collar is recommended by The Guild of Dog Trainers