How to stay safe while walking your dog

How To Stay Safe While Walking Your Dog

It’s something that all dog owners dread and something that for many is too upsetting to think about. Although we all think we know our dogs well and understand their capabilities, the unthinkable can still happen. How to stay safe while walking your dog along coastal paths doesn’t have to be hard work. We’ve put together our top tips for keeping your dog safe whilst you enjoy your walk!




Keep Your Dog In Sight

It’s important to understand that no matter how obedient your dog is your recall may not be successful when venturing across the cliffs. Keeping your dog in view and within a sensible distance to attempt a quick recall should be advised at all times. If you do not have a reliable recall we recommend introducing our Gencon All-In-One to keep your dog on a reliable headcollar and lead.

Whether your dog stays mainly on a lead or generally enjoys walking loose, a good recall is imperative to ensure your dog’s safety. You never know when you might need to react quickly and bring your dog back to you. The highly recommended Lez Graham Retrieval Roll is the perfect training addition that makes retrieval practice fun, engaging and most importantly successful.

How to keep your dog safe on coastal paths

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

 Seaside locations and areas with coastal paths often display signage that offers information about the dangers in the area, look out for these as your park up for your walk and take note of the recommendations. Cliff edges can often be loose or have sudden drops which can take your dog by surprise and force them to lose their footing. Clifftops are a popular spot for sheep and other cattle to graze along, meaning that dogs must be kept on leads in these areas. Even without larger animals grazing, you will often find wild rabbits residing on the cliffs and even well-trained dogs might find them appealing to chase.


Read Up On The Area Ahead Of Time

Whether you are local to the location, on holiday or exploring a new area, it’s important to do your research before your walk. In areas of mining heritage, there may also be uncapped mineshafts hidden in undergrowth near the path where your dog could fall. Cornwall in particular has plenty of these on the 630-mile coastal path. If this concerns you, it might be worth considering safer options to help keep your dog safe. Many beaches along the Cornish coastline are dog-friendly, so you can always stop along the way to let your dog have a safe run at shore level. No worries about falling from the beach, hopefully.

Do also be aware that it’s not advisable to allow your dog to run up to other walkers on cliff paths, no matter how harmless you know they are. Some people are afraid of larger dogs and it has happened that people have stepped out of their way of them on narrow cliff paths with fatal consequences.


How to stay safe while walking your dog

Make Sure Your Dog Is Microchipped

Not only is it sensible but in the UK it is also lawful, to ensure your dog is microchipped. If the worst happens and you’re separated, not only can you be quickly reunited with your four-legged family member but, potentially avoid a devastating fatality. 

If you are concerned with how you can keep your dog safe whilst walking on the cliffs, don’t risk it. Pop your dog on a reliable lead. This way you can enjoy your walk with peace of mind and ultimately keep your dog safe. 



Ensure Safety With Gencon-All-1

We hope you have found our blog concerning how to keep your dog safe while walking your dog. To ensure a safe and happy walk why not consider one of our dog trainer recommended Gencon All-In-1 range? You can browse our range of 5* headcollars and leads here!