Good Boy Squeaky Cracker Toy

Making Pulling Power Fun On And Off The All-in-1 Gencon Lead!

What was it the singer Bjork used to sing about? It’s all so quiet shh shh? Well, not anymore. This Good Boy Squeaky Cracker will soon put an end to that. Perfect for indoor and garden games of fetch or just driving the household festive nuts over Christmas (with the exception of the dog who will love this toy). Perhaps the name is perfect as with all squeaky toys, occasional play as a treat will avoid human headaches and keep everyone happy. Sold by Pet Planet for just £2.09 online.


Crackers For The Posh Pooch?

For a more elegant dinner table ready cracker, how about these rather posh pooch crackers with dog biscuits inside? At £14.95 they require a deeper dig into the pocket, but are rather luxurious as each one can be personalised. So if you have several dogs and are feeling inspired, you can give each one a unique message.

Not On The High Street Personalised Metallic Pet Christmas Cracker

Creative Crackers

Tired of all the unnecessary waste at Christmas or feeling creative? How about making your own cracker for the dog in your life? It doesn’t need to go bang to be a success. Many dogs survive the trauma of November the 5th fireworks and just need a quiet life. With a little recycling and imagination, you’ll have an upcycled, low-cost cracker ready in no time with treats inside your dog will love as you put them there! The Thoroughly Modern Grandma has a helpful blog post packed full of instructional photos on how to make these:
Thoroughly Modern Grandma Plastic Free Christmas Crackers

Fill Your Own Crackers

Lacking creativity when it comes to making doggie crackers? How about these £7.80 ‘fill your own’ crackers from The Little Crafty Bugs Company. Using on-trend brown paper, all materials are 100% recyclable. Buy them ready-made to pack full of your dog’s favourite treats. These will no doubt be particular favourites of discerning hounds.

Little Crafty Bugs Christmas Crackers

Will Your Dog Wear A Hat?

If your dog likes to wear a hat at Christmas and enjoys a motto and toy, then for £4 you can treat him or her to a Waitrose Christmas Cracker. New this year, your dog will be trending in no time.

Healthy Edible Doggie Crackers

For dogs that just love to eat, Woodlands Boarding Kennels and Cattery have created this eco-friendly, made in Britain, bang free cracker packed full of pet nutritionist advised edibles for dogs. Just £3.89

The Dog’s Trust Waggie Wishes Crackers

Finally, if you don’t actually want to give your dog a cracker at Christmas, bah humbug and just fancy pulling a cracker yourself, No problem. The Dogs Trust charity has their own Waggy Wishes Crackers with a cute dog print all over them. You can buy these online for £11.99. Each one contains a different cute dog fridge magnet, hat, snap and motto. Still haven’t finished or started (!) your Christmas shopping? For a Christmas gift that your friends and family with dogs will love to use, why not buy one of our Gencon leads. They are light weight to post, available in a range of colours including festive red and won’t damage in shipping: Enjoy your festivities this winter. Author: Karen White (All prices correct at the time of writing. Please check for additional postage costs).