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Dog Walking In Freezing Cold, Dark evenings?

Dog walking in the dark, cold evenings isn’t always appealing for the dog (or you). So we’ve gathered some fun ideas to keep your dog winter warm and comfortable…

1. If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor dog park nearby or fancy a winter day trip, your dog can enjoy running around, socialising and fun agility games without getting soaked or muddy. Action Petz has dog parks in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea equipped with fun agility obstacles such as tunnels, weave poles, jumps and secure space to run around. Also, cafes and events, such as dog-friendly Halloween and Christmas parties and breed-specific gatherings.


Can others spot your dog?

2. If you’re walking your dog in a place near traffic or need to spot them when they’re having a good run off-lead, it might be an idea to add a small safety light to your dog collar or harness. Even a keyring with an LED will do the trick or how about a rather posh LED light-up collar like the rechargable one sold online by Glow which have enthusiastic customer reviews:

Paws for thought?

3. If it’s snowy or icy outside, you might want to rub a little vaseline onto your dog’s paws before walking them. Coconut oil is also effective as it’s very healing and protects the paws from cracking and peeling when the ground is cold, snowy or frozen. It also has the added bonus of natural antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Just check it doesn’t contain sugar or preservatives. 4. Also, keep a check on your dog’s paws to see if they need trimming. Long fur on the dog’s feet can cause them to compensate when walking by putting their weight onto the back of their feet. The dog will be more likely to slip on icy surfaces if they do this.

Glow Collar

Danish Design Dog Coat On Pet Planet

To walk or not to walk?

5. To walk or not to walk? How do you know if it’s too cold outside for your dog? Well, if it’s too cold for you to stand at your door in the fresh air without wearing your coat, it’s probably too cold for your dog as well. Time to find the thick, high visibility coat that reaches to the base of their tail. Some dogs love them, others learn to put up with them. Our dog used to run and hide behind the sofa when she caught sight of hers. The Danish Design Dog Coat selling on Pet Planet looks high-quality. If it’s not raining outside and your dog has a thin coat you could also try dressing them in a doggie jumper which do look very cute, but again might produce a few depressed dog faces. Don’t forget that winter coats won’t protect the dog’s ears, feet or tail. So no matter how warm their body, it’s better to give short-haired dogs a quick walk or toilet break when it’s freezing outside. If you’re travelling from home in the snow, remember to pack a change of clothes (coat, jumper) for the dog as well in case the original one gets wet.

Floor Draughts And Antifreeze Dangers!

6. Beware of floor level draughts in your dog’s bed zone. When your dog is sleeping at night cold air blowing in through cracks and under the doors can make their bed chilly. Use a draught excluder or towels rolled up to block these out or try elevating the dog’s bed on a crate or by making one up for the dog in a snug armchair with lots of soft blankets or a doggie donut. 7. Watch out for antifreeze! Most of us know that it’s lethal to dogs (and children) who love the sweet taste. Even the tiniest amount can be fatal, so it’s not to be messed with. Better to keep your dog out of the garage or off the driveway to avoid the risk. Symptoms include loss of balance, excessive water consumption and seizures. Sadly the vet may not be able to save the dog once it becomes clear there is a problem. If you have walked your dog in an area with a spill of antifreeze, don’t forget to wipe their paws when home, so there is no chance of them licking their feet.

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Is Your Dog Older? Have You Checked Their Lead And Collar?

8. Extra care for senior dogs. Conditions such as arthritis are aggravated by cold weather. You may wish to consider adding a natural joint supplement and foods to their diet to ease the pain and soreness of the arthritis. Dogs Naturally Magazine has an interesting 3-step article for treating your dog’s arthritis pain naturally. 9. Check your dog’s collars, leads and harnesses to ensure they are all functioning safely and haven’t become torn or rusty. If you need a new collar to stop your dog pulling, our Gencon All-in-1 collar is designed for all-weathers and dog breeds. 10. Finally, extra cuddles and massages to keep the dog snug and warm. Well, any excuse for a cuddle is a good one. Happy wintering with your dogs. Author: Karen White