Help Rehome Arnie

Arnie is approximately 8 years old and desperately needs a forever home, he has been brought to our attention by Forest Dog Rescue  you can see Arnie’s full profile here. 

This gentle giant came in to us as a stray so sadly we don’t have any background information on him, but we have found a lot out about him in the short time he has been with us.

Arnie is a totally lovable boy who has won the hearts of plenty of people since coming in to kennels. What he lacks in good looks he definitely makes up for in personality! He loves cuddles and fuss, specially on his chest- he will stand there all day! Arnie is also a fan of the odd treat and will sit and give paw for a nice gravy bone, he is extremely well behaved when meeting new people as he doesn’t jump up and waits patiently for a stroke.

He can be very head strong on the lead pulling to have a sniff, but we walk him on a Gencon and once sniffing is out of the way he walks beautifully by your side. We have had Arnie off in the playpen where he just has a mooch around, providing his attention isn’t lost to a nice smelling bit of grass he will trot back to you for big hugs!

Arnie doesn’t really have much interest in dogs, we have walked him around our fields with a variety of different dogs and he generally tends not to even acknowledge their existence however We would suggest Arnie was the only dog in the home or with chilled out ignorant dog much like himself.

Forest Dog Rescue