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How to stop a dog pulling on the lead?

Every Gencon product from our dog head collars to our dog training leads are carefully hand-crafted in the UK using good quality fabric made to our own specification. Our special flexible tape makes it easier to handle and is gentle on the dog. When your dog is happy wearing a headcollar it will adjust more quickly and stop pulling on the lead.

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What if your dog reacts adversely?

It’s only natural that your dog may be unused to this new sensation and initially, may try to take the dog training lead off by pushing its front paws up over its nose. If this occurs, our dog training experts recommend you try the following tips to help you stop your dog pulling on a lead and to help get your dog used to its new Gencon®  All-in-1 or Headcollar.

Keep quiet, apply gentle upward pressure and as soon as the dog stops, release the pressure immediately.

Do not scold your dog and ensure you administer a reward after each attempt to remove the lead has calmed.

Do not allow your dog to remove the lead itself otherwise she or he may persist in their attempts. If your dog generally enjoys its walks, progress outdoors as quickly as possible as the outside distractions will help the dog get used to, and adjust to the new feeling around its face.

If your dog is particularly nervous or over anxious then some extra practice at home may be required until you are both proficient with the dog training lead.

Never yank or jerk your dog while it is wearing the Gencon. If it is necessary to get the dog’s attention, just stop the walk and apply gentle upward pressure until your dog stops what he or she is doing and relaxes.As soon as your dog stops you MUST remove the pressure immediately. Timing is everything in this – as it is in so many other things in life!


Washing and Cleaning

Gencon’s are completely washable.  In fact regular washing at 40°C will get rid of all the grit and dirt, keeping the Gencon All-in-1 or Headcollars soft and comfortable on your dog.


Specific Sizes

We can make any items specially to suit your dog. If you need a Gencon All-in-1 or a Headcollar that allows you to walk your dog on the right, or to make the lead longer or shorter you just ask.  Use our Contact page to do this.


How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

Make sure the headcollar is fitted correctly before lead training Introduce your dog to the headcollar by associating it with something fun and exciting.


Practice at home with your dog training lead before walking outside


Keep your Gencon Headcollar clean to make it comfortable for your dog


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