Whether it is during the first stages of training, or an unruly four legged friend, most dog owners have experienced their dog pulling while out for a walk. You may be wondering ‘Why does my dog pull on the lead?’ and how to stop this – at Gencon we are here to help.

1. How do I begin Loose Leash training?

Loose leash training can seem daunting at first, but starting with the basics and being patient with your dog will get you there in no time. This skill relies on repetition, so do not be disheartened if your dog doesn’t pick it up straight away.

To start, establish where your dog will be walking in relation to you. For example, if you are right handed you may prefer to hold your dog’s lead in your dominant hand to allow you more control.

Start by simply sitting your dog at your chosen side, encouraging calm behaviour while on the lead and rewarding them with treats when they are still.

You also need to recognise the ideal pace for your dog – they need to know that you are aware of where you are going, and not trailing behind them. This can be done by walking at a reasonably brisk pace, enough to allow your dog to trot alongside you. Pay attention to your dog’s demeanour and attention span at different paces, and see what is the most engaging.

2. Ensure your dog knows that pulling doesn’t work.

When a dog pulls on a lead, this can simply be excitement and eagerness to get moving! While this isn’t a negative behaviour, it can become a problem. To encourage calm behaviour, you need to make sure they know that if they pull and walk in front of you, it isn’t going to get them anywhere – your dog needs to learn that any pressure on the lead

should return them to you. To implement this, when your dog begins to pull on their lead, simply stop in your tracks. Keep quiet and apply a gentle upward pressure with your Headcollar.

As soon as your dog stops, release the pressure. When they do, reward them with a treat. Never scold your dog, or yank on their lead while wearing the Gencon. For quick results, The Gencon All-In-1 Clip To Collar is the perfect training aid to encourage your dog to walk without pulling, and is comfortable and soft for your dog to wear.

3. Walk and Talk

After stopping and rewarding your dog, begin walking again at your previous brisk pace. Conversation with your walking companion is key! If you aren’t engaging with your dog, they will want to find more interesting things to do in the environment around you – by providing stimulation and reward, your dog will learn that it is fun to trot along beside you.

And those are the basics to get you started with loose leash walking!

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