The Immediate Effect of a Gencon Allin1, a second account from James Reavil

James Reavil

James Reavil
Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of continuing training a lady with her three flat coat retrievers (a mother and her two daughters). The owner had decided that she would like some training to help with the pulling on the lead and to do some gundog training with them to keep their brains stimulated and their bodies fit.

Being very strong dogs caused a problem. The owner wanted to enjoy long walks from her home via the local and very busy Hugh Street to some lovely woodland nearby. Also, being near to the high street during the dark winter months, she wanted to be able to walk her dogs down the high street without them lunging and pulling towards people, other dogs and cars.

The owner was very keen that all three dogs walked together. After spending some time working individually with their walking, I suggested utilising the Gencon All-in-1 Headcollar. We started by working with each dog, again on an individual basis, to get them conditioned to the collar. Once all three had got used to this, in a matter of only five minutes, we started to walk the dogs two at a time and then all three together.

There was an immediate change in their behaviour. The two youngsters, that were both 6 months old, immediately calmed down and relaxed. They all walked really nicely with no pulling or lunging.

The owner has worked with all the dogs and continues with their training. They now regularly walk around a very busy high street all together. The owner often receives extremely complimentary comments about her dogs. I am sure that this is largely due to the Gencon and how it works. The owner also adapts it to use as a regular slip lead when she is doing gundog training.

I am a firm believer in training being the first port of call to resolve behavioural issues. However, the Gencon range of head collars allow and promote better communication between dog and owner, which means that more training can be done to resolve issues as they arise.

The Gencon range is simple and easy to use and is one of the very few headcollars that does not ride up into the dog’s eyes causing injuries, pain and panic in dogs. The Gencon, once fitted, has a calming effect and once conditioned and accepted by the dog has an immediate effect on their behaviour. It allows better, calmer walks and as they are now more enjoyable, it means more walks in the future.

James Reavil is a behaviourist and trainer in Kent and runs cwnsaethu dog training. He is a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers, an associate with the Canine and Feline Association and trainer with The Gundog Club. James is also involved with The Dog Safety Education Executive.