Lez Graham Retrieving Roll

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is the perfect, easy-to-use addition to your training tool kit when helping your dog master the fetch command.  It requires a hands-on approach to teaching your pup the fetch command, and rewards them after each successful retrieval. 

The idea behind the retrieval roll is quite simple – encourage dogs to bring the roll back in exchange for a treat. However it is the way it can be used that is clever and makes for efficient and successful results. 

How does the Lez Graham Retrieving roll work?

Tucked away inside the Retrieving Roll is a small pouch. Here you can hide a treat that can be smelt by your pup, but not quite reached. Your dog will quickly learn that in order to reach the treat they must bring the Retrieving Roll back to you. Practising this command consistently will achieve the fetch command to be successful. 

Once your dog has learnt to bring you back the Retrieving Roll and matures onto larger dummies when learning to fetch, you can start to use bigger items. By wrapping these new dummies in the Retrieving Roll your pup will still associate them and return to you. 

Should I be using dog retrieve training toys?

Dog Retriever training toys are a great way to teach your dog a basic command. It can often be a long process and sometimes confusing for your pups to learn a new skill however with dog retrieval toys, it can be made fun.

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll can also be mentally stimulating for working dogs and breeds with lots of energy such as Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Sheepdogs. So if you’re looking for something to keep your dog occupied the Retrieving Roll may be for you. 

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Want to know how to train your dog to retrieve?

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is a wonderful dog training tool from the Lez Graham range, simple to use it is perfect for training dogs who need guidance when it comes to their ‘fetch’ skills.  

When teaching any dog to retrieve whether they are a puppy learning the basic commands, or an older dog needing a refresher course, consistency is key. Just like us humans, practice makes perfect when it comes to learning a new skill, so you shouldn’t expect your dog to pick things up straight away. 

Staying calm and positive with your instructions is the best way to install your commands and change your dog’s mind set. Remember, you want them to think of this as a fun activity to get maximum attention and therefore effective results. 

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