One of the most important aspects of effective dog training is having a robust collection of high-quality equipment. The best training gear is designed in collaboration with trainers themselves, and that’s exactly what Gencon’s Lez Graham Range provides.

What sets this range apart and why should you add it to your dog’s training routines? Let’s find out!

Who is Lez Graham?

Lez Graham is a professional gun dog trainer with a wealth of experience and qualifications. Having received an M.A. in Professional Practice with regards to Canine Behaviour & Psychology – as well as being recognised as a master trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers and a fellow of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association – she was the perfect partner with whom Gencon could create an exciting training range.

As the author of numerous dog training books and with a well-established reputation for excellent coaching, Lez Graham’s knowledge is exactly what Gencon needed to produce this range of training gear that perfectly complements a dog’s education.

Collaborating with Lez Graham to Produce Expert-Approved Dog Training Gear


The Lez Graham Gencon range was crafted by utilising Lez’s expertise to create high-quality, long-lasting products. From the Slip & Clip Lead to the innovative Retrieving Roll, each piece is designed to complement your dog’s instincts and behaviour to instil new habits.

For a dog’s training to be effective, it must successfully leverage their natural behaviour – namely, the “what’s in it for me?” attitude that runs through their psyches. 

In human terms, it’s what we’d call cause and effect; for a dog, this involves learning what is expected of them and what they are rewarded with when they meet those expectations. Once these attitudes are learned, they’re with them for life, and the Lez Graham range is designed to instil the desired behaviours quickly and efficiently in your canine friend.

What’s Included in the Range?

Slip & Clip Lead

The Slip & Clip Lead is intended to be as simple and effective as possible. It’s designed to stop puppies from pulling when learning to walk on the lead, thanks to the one-piece design that halts overeager dogs, showing them that pulling results in an uncomfortable sensation.

As soon as the puppy relaxes, so does the lead, encouraging your dog to follow your lead, so to speak.

Lez Graham Brace Lead

The Brace Lead is a fantastic way of controlling two dogs at once, teaching them to obey commands and work in tandem with each other as well. The design is similar to the Slip & Clip lead, but it accommodates two dogs at once with two slip-fit collars on one lead.

Retrieving Roll

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is an innovative and exciting training aid made to teach your dog to fetch and bring objects back to you. It’s designed to wrap around any object to be thrown for your dog and includes a treat pouch that is only accessible by you to reward it with when it places the roll back in your hand. 

The Retrieving Roll effectively capitalises on your dog’s instincts and is the most efficient way to teach them how to retrieve and bring items back to you. To find out more about this product, read our blog on why dog owners should invest in a Retrieving Roll.

Discover the Lez Graham Range on Gencon

Explore these excellent training aids from the mind of one of the UK’s foremost dog trainers. The Slip & Clip Lead, Brace Lead and Retrieving Roll are all available for purchase right here on Gencon, so explore the Lez Graham range today and take your pup’s training to the next level.

If you have any questions about these or our other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch – one of our friendly team members will be happy to answer any questions you have.