We we’re very pleased to read this review by Emma and Lilly of the Website Lillypaws who reviewed the Gencon all-in-1.

“There comes a point in time in a dog owner’s life where their dog decides to pull. This usually ends up in a miserable walk for the owner and starts a new trend that the dog is more than happy to continue.

I will be totally honest here and say that Lilly is a bit of a puller, she isn’t the worst I’ve seen but she certainly isn’t the plod along at your side type either. The final nail in the coffin was when Lilly’s dog walker, with whom she walks once a week reported back to me after her wander with Lilly, that Lilly had to be put back on lead in the forestry due to machinery being used. Getting Lilly back onto the lead wasn’t an issue, the problem was that Lilly proceeded to pull to the point she made herself sick.


I immediately set about researching products that may help with this and I had over heard a number of people on Facebook chatting about the Gencon. I read a ton of reviews on other types of head collar but decided I’d give the Gencon a go. It wasn’t overly expensive at £22.20 including postage and I didn’t have to worry about measuring Lilly at all. Placing the order was easy and the payment was a breeze, delivery didn’t take long either so there were no problems there. I also liked the number of videos on the Gencon website showing how to correctly fit the head collar and how it should be held but more importantly for me ways on how to help your dog get used to having the head collar on in a positive way. Now one thing I will say is you will need to decide which side you want your dog to walk on, for me I chose the right hand side as I am right hand dominant. You will have the option to choose right or left-handed head collars prior to check out.
When the Gencon arrived I set out to put it on Lilly, which was so easy. The next thing was to help her associate it with good experiences so I gave her a treat immediately after putting it on. I repeated putting the Gencon on and taking it off rewarding as I went for approximately 10mins. I then decided to see how she would be when out on a walk. I have to say I was totally surprised, Lilly wasn’t amused at all and did try to remove the Gencon with her paws but I would stop, make her sit before setting off again. When Lilly walked without trying to remove the head collar I would give her a treat to reward this. We only went on a short walk but there was an improvement in Lilly’s walking she didn’t really attempt to pull, when she did the collar gently tightened around her nose and she stopped pulling, which I again rewarded. The Gencon all-in-one is a head collar and lead together just as the product name suggests. It is a handy feature and if you are concerned that your dog may back out of the Gencon, fear not the all-in-one version has a clip which you can attach to your dogs collar for a bit more peace of mind, also you can use this clip to attach to a small ring on the lead to create a handle and make the lead a little longer.
“We have had the Gencon for just over a month at the time of writing this review and I have to be honest it really has helped. I’m not saying that it is an instant fix because that just doesn’t exist. It has however aided in the re-training process for lead walking and is continuing to give positive result. It hasn’t ever risen up into Lilly’s eyes and seems to be quite comfortable for her. Lets just put it this way she doesn’t run away as soon as she sees it, which is always a good thing.”