Official Insight- Agility Team GB

Dog head collars TEAM GB

Here at Gencon we’re keen to learn more about what the TeamGB dogs and their owners get up to on a daily basis. So last month we asked squad member Louise Raine and her dog Trigger to share their tale.

At the moment we’re busy preparing for the next Team GB Squad day. We recently visited fellow squad member Natasha Wise for some European course training to help us get to grips with the challenges set by European judges. Learning to lead Trigger rather than run him from behind is a completely new style for me but we’re enjoying it so much. At the moment we are agility training for approximately an hour three times a week outside depending on the weather. Working on jumping sequences and weave entries building it up gradually.

Dog head collars used by team GB

Overall fitness is very important for dog and handler I walk my dogs every single day come rain wind or shine. The Gencon headcollars make this easy with multiple dogs. They also enjoy off lead walks in the countryside running and playing which ensures fitness for dog agility.


Team GB using Gencon dog head collars

Trigger also goes to indoor night classes held by my mum Jacqui Tarn on a weekly basis this gives us chance to test some of our new skills in a show environment. During class Trigger is wild watching the other dogs the Gencon headcollar keeps him under control and stops him pulling he just lies down munching on his ball so I can concentrate on where I’m going.

This week I feel like he’s made so much progress achieving his training sequences and then achieving in class I can’t ask for anymore.

Team GB gencon dog head collars

Keep up the good work Louise and Trigger and good luck from all your friends at Gencon! If your looking for more information on the team and what events they have coming up please click here.