Gencon Rehoming Dogs

Every year there are thousands of dogs in shelters searching for a loving home and the sad reality is many don’t find one.


Gencon are going to be promoting a different ‘difficult to adopt’ dog every month during 2016 from shelters all around the UK such as Many Tears Rescue, Starfish Dog Rescue and Dogs Trust, to help find loving homes for dogs with so much still to offer.

The most difficult dogs to rehome include senior pets as prospective owners see them as a shorter term pet who may become high maintenance.

Dogs with special needs can also be hard to rehome as potential owners often want a puppy in good health that can grow up as part of the family and tend to shy away from pets who may need extra attention or require costly vets trips.

Many dogs in shelters are pit bull type breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier. The Staffordshire bull terrier makes up 18.5% of all dogs in shelters. This is mainly due to misconceptions about the breed and it’s rumoured bad behaviour.

Staffordshire bull terriers were bred originally as fighting dogs and the reputation of being aggressive has stuck with them.Other dogs commonly found in shelters include German shepherds, collies and greyhounds.

Many Tears Rescue
Dogs trust
Starfish dog rescue