We love Sadie but she really gives my arm and shoulder a work out every time we go out as her hedge diving desire is just too much. HOWEVER having recently been sent a complimentary head collar from Gencon I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Anyone wanting to try it out let me know as I was a doubter having tried head collars before but this one is amazing.

Here’s a few of my fav pointers…
*The material is soft so it is comfortable to hold and doesn’t cause discomfort to the dog.
*It doesn’t tighten when pressure is applied it simply redirects the direction of the dogs head.
*It clips to the collar as well as going round the nose so the risk of escaping is drastically reduced.
*It takes all of the pressure so my arm had minimal impact.
*It felt secure and like I was in control, I didn’t slip once on a very muddy slope!
*Its universal so I can use it on any size or breed.

“My arm/shoulder would like to thank gencon because we just survived a 30minute Wood Walk without injury”