At the start of the year I mentioned that one of my 2016 resolutions for Bruce was to get him to walk calmly on a loose lead in new and busy areas. I can’t even begin to tell you how well this has been going, and it just shows that a bit of time, patience and maturity on Bruce’s behalf can do wonders when it comes to training. However, I have been using a secret weapon to help Bruce learn better leash manners, even when he is excitable and raring to go. Enter the Gencon All in One Head Collar. The Gencon All in One Head Collar works by applying gentle pressure to the muzzle and back of the dog’s head when they pull on the lead, encouraging them to stop pulling and therefore walk calmly on a loose lead. What I love about the Gencon is that it is a kind training aid – it doesn’t hurt or harm your dog, and the pressure they feel in self-inflicted; they are in control of it rather than the owner.