Reflective Collar Review – Abigail, Eddie and Angus


“The new Reflective clip to collar is fantastic! With the nights drawing in, being seen is a must. The lead is reflective all the way along the head collar and down the lead. It really catches the light when a car goes past or under a street light. Angus is black so this lead means he can be seen easily.

The lead is super soft and comfortable for both dogs and human. You can clip the end of the lead to the collar giving you more control if you have nervous dog. If you don’t want go clip the lead to the collar you can create a handle by clipping it the the d ring further up the lead. This gives a really long lead and can be used to fasten you dog to a table/chair if you are out. Had a lot of compliments and people asking about the lead when out in the dark. An absolute must have lead for the winter months!”