Lez Graham Brace Lead

£15.95 inc. VAT

This is the popular Dog Brace lead from the Gencon Lez Graham range. It can be used to walk one dog or two.

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The Lez Graham Brace lead is a great addition to the Gencon range.

Many folk have more than one dog these days and the new Brace lead, with its clever design, allows you to walk your dogs in any heel position that works best for you.

The Brace lead is extremely lightweight, so lightweight in fact that your dog won’t notice it around his neck and you won’t notice it in your hand.

Designed to walk two dogs together, this double ended ‘fixable’ slip lead is perfect for walking your dogs side by side or one on either side of you.

When used with one dog The Brace Lead makes an excellent training lead due to not only its extra length, but also its flexibility.

Find out more about the Lez Graham range here.

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