Mini All-In-One Dog Headcollar (Fits Small Dogs)

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Designed For Small Dogs. All-in-one head collar and lead. If you walk your dog on the left choose the ‘Left Handed’ option. If you walk your dog on the right choose the ‘Right Handed’ option.

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New Gencon Mini All-in-one Dog Headcollar and Lead

Designed for very small dogs and those with short muzzles, 12mm wide so fits smaller dogs perfectly

Also suitable for short nosed dogs such as boxers, sharpies and mastiffs.

One piece from head collar to end of lead. When your dog pulls, both loops tighten restricting the whole head, the dog backs off from the restriction.

Only gentle pressure is needed, and there is no need to jerk. This greatly decreases the likelihood of your Dog pulling and helps improve their behaviour when on the lead.

View the Gencon All-in-one head collar in action here.

One size fits all 'Small' dogs

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Black, Black/Silver, Blue/White, Coffee/Cream, Navy/Jade, Pink/Burgundy, Purple/Pink, Red, Red/Black

Walk the dog on your...

Left hand side, Right hand side

How to Measure

How to fit

Top dog trainer Jo Croft share some of her personal experiences using the Gencon All-in-1 dog head collar with our customers’ dogs.

Care and Cleaning

Gencon’s are completely washable.  In fact regular washing at 40°C will get rid of all the grit and dirt, keeping the Gencon All-in-1 or Headcollars soft and comfortable on your dog.

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