Anxiety is a common condition in animals and can be caused by many different reasons. Separation anxiety, fear and nervousness can all result in a variety of disruptive behaviours, which can be hard to manage for some owners.

Anxiety can manifest in many different ways, varying between animals, which means it can sometimes be hard to spot. Recognising these signs is the key to dealing with the issue before your pet gets too stressed – particularly if you’re out walking and there are a number of external factors affecting your pet. See some of the key signs of anxiety, here:

Anxiety in Animals:


If your pet has their mouth open-wide in a yawn without being tired, it could be a sign of anxiety.


Loud barking or howling can show your animal’s distress at a situation.

Intense Staring

Getting an intense, lingering stare from your pet can be a sign of anxiety, particularly when they show the white of their eyes.

Pulling at the leash

If your dog is trying to escape a situation, or cower, whilst on their walk, then this could be a sign of anxiety. When dogs are away from the security of their home some can experience anxiety, and feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings.


Going to the toilet more frequently, and ignoring house training rules, is a sign that your pet is stressed.

Other signs of anxiety include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Licking or nibbling at their own skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pacing the room
  • Not settling, even when tired
  • Scratching, biting or shredding items

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