Tackling Winter Weather Walkies

Jo Croft

Jo Croft, Canine Behaviour Practitioner


Jo is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and Canine Behaviour Practitioner. She is a full member of the  Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Canine Psychology with Middlesex University. She has run her Canine Behaviour and Training business since 2005 and has the honour of being chosen to act as a Specialist Behaviour Consultant for ‘Gencon’ early 2013. 

Tackling Winter Weather Walkies

“Winter 2013 to be longest in history: Heavy snow could fall until May warn forecasters”  www.express.co.uk (2013)

The above quote is enough to fill most people with disappointment and concern, but for dog-owners this statement has a far more significant implication – especially if your canine friend is in the habit of pulling you down the street or through the park on its lead.

Pleasant walks with the dog in the summer turn into hard work pounding the streets in the dark of winter bringing home wet and muddy canines. Or worse, having to navigate the snow and ice with a dog that pulls on the lead and knocks you off your feet!

Every winter my work as a dog behaviourist increases when the weather is bad as a dog’s exercise invariably diminishes. Dog owners soon realise that their family pet is becoming more difficult to wear out and is full of energy, making any minor lead issues much more profound and allowing negative behaviour to creep in.

This quickly becomes a safety issue both for the owner and the dog. I have lost count on the amount of calls I’ve received where owners have been pulled over in the snow and ice and have sustained fractured limbs or more serious injuries.

However it is not all doom and gloom. By being sensible about when and where you walk your dog and maintaining the dog’s mental stimulation alongside its physical stimulation, an adequate amount of exercise can still be achieved.

Every dog needs quality exercise and this needs to include time away from the home and the garden. Throwing a ball alone is just not enough. A good power walk down the road with the dog following its owner can be just as advantageous. So, rain, shine ice or snow – grab your wellies, you will still be able to enjoy your dog!

This is where the Gencon Allin1 dog head collar comes into its own. It delivers fast and safe results, avoiding any dangerous accidents associated with dogs pulling on their leads during the bad weather. Gencon enables dog and owner to enjoy winter weather walkies without high energy or over excitement issues being a problem. Its ability to aid the dog’s understanding of why they shouldn’t pull on the lead makes it an absolute asset to any behaviour program, especially in freezing conditions and gale force winds.

I endorse this product for one reason and one reason only, it works!

Happy walking.