Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones…and that includes even the smallest members of the family! Make sure your dog is part of the festivities by throwing pet-friendly Christmas celebrations this year, and keep them included in all of the fun with our top tips:

#1 Add an extra stocking to the fireplace this year

Christmas is the perfect time to shower your pooch in gifts. From stocking fillers treats to presents under the tree, your pet deserves only the best! Treat your pet to a high quality reflective lead, or make training fun with the Lez Graham Retrieving Roll. Find a gift for your pet in the Gencon shop today.

#2 Stick to your pet’s usual routine

With all the excitement of Christmas, it’s important to not throw your pet’s schedule too far out. Try and keep their routine as normal as possible through the festivities, with plenty of walks and training just like usual. If you’re training your pet to stop pulling on the lead, our helpful guide can show you the best techniques for achieving progress.

#3 Make sure your pet’s relaxed through the celebrations

With new visitors, stimulation and a variety of unsettling scenarios like fireworks and changed routines, your pet may struggle to relax. Help them to switch off by ensuring they have their own safe space, plenty of dog chews and take the time to do some behavioural commands to keep them calm. If you haven’t started working on the technique ‘settle,’ then now is the time to get some valuable practice in!

#4 Treat them to a pet-friendly Christmas dinner

There’s a variety of pet-friendly Christmas treats and meals on the market that are perfectly healthy for your dog, meaning your pet can still enjoy an extra special dinner with the family on Christmas day! Just remember, if your pet has a particularly sensitive stomach, to be careful with the amount of new food given.

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