When considering the needs of your furry friend, there are many things to think about – one of them is when you need to invest in a professional trainer to get the most benefit for your dog.

In this blog, we will walk you through the three most common times for a trainer to join your dog’s training plan.

Puppy Training 

With professional dog training, the first thing anybody would think is beginning at early stages of life – within puppyhood! 

Starting good habits as soon as possible will help to reduce the amount of stress and destruction caused by your puppy being unruly. This helps begin your four legged friend on their journey to being a great companion within your household. 
The Gencon Head Collar can help to control larger puppies throughout their professional training, our Gencon endorsed trainers all use the Gencon range of head collars and dog training collars.

Antisocial dog behaviour

Sometimes even later in a dog’s life, they will require a professional to step in and help you to control their behaviour. This can include aggressive tendencies towards humans and other animals, destruction within the house, and extreme pulling on the lead when walking.
Your professional dog trainer can work with you to reinforce positive actions and unlearn the negative ones. Taking early action against these behavioural problems is the key to success.

Adopting a new dog

When adopting a new dog, their shelter may describe some previous training, or simply not know your dog’s history. This can lead to reverting back into old negative behaviours if not reinforced by you, their new owner. 

For example, a common behavioural problem that can occur with previously mistreated dogs is resource guarding. Typically common with toys or food, your new dog may not understand that you, or other residents (human or other animals) in the house aren’t going to take their things away from them. This can lead to seemingly aggressive behaviour or lunging towards others. 
Your trainer can help you to bypass this type of behaviour by using Gencon to help you and your dog trust one another and get to know each other better.

Even if your new family member does not display any negative behaviour, it can still be useful to involve a professional to establish their skills, boost their confidence and socialise with other dogs within classes.

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