Training your dog well is essential during its early stages of development. Especially when fetching items and bringing them to hand, instilling positive habits in your best friend can make a world of difference.

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll was crafted to simplify teaching obedience to your dog. Designed to wrap around a fetchable object before throwing, the Retrieving Roll provides your canine pal with some familiarity in their dog training routine.

Take Your Dog Training to the Next Level.

The Retrieving Roll essentially acts as a set of training wheels when teaching your dog to retrieve and bring items back to you. It’s a canvas wrap that can be rolled tight and Velcro-secured around an object (which can be anything including sticks, toys or even birds). 

There’s a hidden treat pocket only accessible by you once your pup has transferred the Roll to your hand. This will quickly train your dog that there’s something in it for them when they fetch what you tell them to – an attitude that is deeply ingrained in their natural behaviour.

By wrapping items in the Retrieving Roll, the dog will quickly associate the task that’s expected of them whenever the Roll is introduced during training.


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Why Should I Train My Dog with a Retrieving Roll?

Because a Retrieving Roll can be wrapped around any fetchable item, your dog will quickly learn what to do whenever it sees one. It’s not only great for training gundogs to retrieve game, but also for instilling basic obedience in your pet – which is crucial for crafting a healthy relationship with them.

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is easy to use and designed by trainers as a fundamental component of day-to-day training. For more information on how the Roll can be used as part of your regular training regime, read our blog on How to make your dog training more efficient.


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What’s In It For My Dog?

Each pup responds to dog training differently, but there are instinctive behaviours that all dogs adhere to. Chief among them is the ‘What’s in it for me?’ mentality. When your dog knows that retrieving the desired item nets them a treat, a pattern of behaviour is instilled that will persist throughout their lives.

Additionally, some dogs may respond anxiously to certain items. A familiar object – like the Retrieving Roll – can settle their nerves alongside triggering their ‘What’s in it for me’ response. When a ‘scary’ object is wrapped in the Roll, you show your dog that they have nothing to fear and that they will get something out of being obedient in any given circumstance.


Buy Your Retrieving Roll Today.

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