There are a lot of dog leads and training equipment out there, but it is easy to understand the appeal of a figure of 8 anti-pull lead, regardless of the size and breed of your dog. 


They are equally popular with dog trainers and dog owners alike, and they stand out as being an extremely effective tool for anyone who is training their dog, which is why you will often see trainers and owners using them during their training sessions


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It doesn’t matter whether you are training a young puppy for the first time or you are trying to improve an older dog’s skills, a figure of 8 anti pull lead is a helpful piece of equipment.


The Benefits of Using Figure of 8 Training Leads 

As the name suggests, a figure of 8 anti-pull lead helps to cut down on the amount a dog is able to pull. This makes it a lot easier to control the dog when you are out and about, as you don’t need to worry about being pulled along and losing control. Not only does this benefit you, but it also benefits the dog by creating a more relaxed and enjoyable time outside. 


Instead of a dog pulling in all directions, these leads are designed to restrict them in a safe way. When your dog pulls, both loops (one sits over the dog’s neck, whilst the other sits over their nose) tighten and this restricts the head using a very small amount of pressure. 


You won’t find yourself jerking them back and using excessive force, which is a lot more comfortable for the dog. With other types of anti-pull leads, there is the risk of jerking them back forcely and causing discomfort or pain. Your dog can explore, knowing they won’t be suddenly tugged backwards.


Though there are a lot of different training leads out there, the figure of 8 lead is often the most comfortable for the dog to wear. This is because they can be altered to be the perfect fit for each individual dog. There is no risk of the lead being too loose or too tight, as long as it is fitted correctly. 


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