Control Leads for Dogs

Pulling on the lead is a trait that can be a real barrier to a dog’s development. In many cases, once they’ve learned to pull, it can be tricky to “unteach” this behaviour.

Fortunately, a high-quality control lead can be the shakeup they need in their routine to instil better walking habits. Introducing a new element to their training is the best way to train and retrain undesirable behaviour, and a Gencon control lead will gently but firmly keep them in check.

The Gencon Approach

When crafting Gencon control leads, we’re informed by canine psychology to ensure each piece of training equipment complements your best friend’s natural behaviour.

We consult with expert dog trainers and vets to design and produce the most effective leads, collars and other training gear (like the Lez Graham Retrieving Roll). Gencon’s control leads – which utilise our patented headcollar design – are just the equipment your dog needs to halt their pulling on the lead.

How a Control Lead Differs from a Regular Lead

Control leads like the Gencon All-in-One Headcollar are designed to train pulling out of your dog’s on-the-lead behaviour. Unlike a traditional collar-and-lead setup, a headcollar control lead consists of one piece from lead to collar which, when fitted correctly, fits loosely around your dog’s neck and muzzle in two distinct but interlocking loops.

These loops automatically tighten when your dog tries to pull away, causing them to back off from the restriction to remain comfortable. This is a safe and painless way to train unwanted pulling out of a dog’s behaviour, and the simple fitting and one-piece design make it easy to use as well.

Top Tips for Control Lead Training

To get the most out of your control lead, there are several training tips you can implement to enhance the process and help your canine pal get used to it quickly.

Allow your dog to examine the headcollar before putting it on

When first introducing the headcollar, lay it out and let your dog familiarise itself with the smell and shape of it. As we know, dogs can be suspicious of new objects, so be enthusiastic and gentle to show that there’s nothing to worry about!

Use treats to show your dog there’s something in it for them

You can use treats to coax your dog through the lead when fitting it the first few times. Above all, take it slow and let your dog go at its own pace to avoid putting it off of this new practice.

Walk your dog in a familiar environment at first

To help your dog feel comfortable, go for a walk in a familiar environment with minimal distractions. Whenever it responds well, give it a treat to reinforce positive behaviours. Remember that the right equipment is half the journey – a positive outlook and the right technique are just as important!

Find a Superior Control Lead for Dogs at Gencon Today

If you’re looking to train your dog for better behaviour on the lead, the All-in-One Headcollar is the control lead for you.
Gencon headcollars come in a variety of specifications, from left and right handed formats to multiple colours and sizes. Explore our range of headcollars today to take your dog’s training to the next level. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our range.