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Gencon Dog Slip Lead

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65” Dog Slip Lead. One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep control of your dog, our slip lead easily adjusts to the size of your pet’s neck and can be taken on and off quickly – ideal for working dogs.

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Gencon Dog Slip Lead

From Gencon Dog Headcollars, Gencon brings you this slip lead

This is the popular 65″ Dog Slip Lead. One of the simplest forms of dog control, a slip lead is the ideal choice for many pet owners. Easy to take on and off, a slip lead allows you the freedom to quickly ‘slip’ it over your pet, without having the difficulty of clipping in your lead.

High Quality Slip Leads

At Gencon, our quality slip leads are created with good quality fabric and tested by our experts. Using our own specification, thicker tape, makes the lead easier to handle, ensures it won’t break and means that your lead is gentle on your dog while still remaining flexible.

Caring For Your Gencon Slip Lead

Made with high-quality materials, the Gencon slip lead is designed to stand the test of time, but by following our simple care instructions you can ensure it stays in top condition for longer. Washing your Gencon slip lead keeps it soft and grit free, making it even more comfortable for your pet.

Using Your Slip Lead Correctly

It’s important that you put your dog’s slip lead on correctly to prevent them from choking. Make sure the sliding ring of the lead is nearest your leg, allowing it to slide up and down freely with plenty of slack.

Which Breeds Are Suitable for the Gencon Slip Lead?

As an adaptable lead, the Gencon slip lead is designed to suit all breeds. The lead simply adjusts to fit your dog comfortably. This one size fits all approach which is common with slip leads, makes it the perfect solution for any breed of furry-legged friend! Simply slip on over your pet’s head with ease.

Available in a Wide Range of Colours

The Gencon slip lead is available in a wide range of colours, meaning you can find the perfect tool to suit you! Our range of slip leads include Black, Black/Silver, Blue/White, Navy/Jade, Coffee/Cream, Red, Purple/Pink and Pink/Burgundy.

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Black, Black/Silver, Blue/White, Coffee/Cream, Navy/Jade, Pink/Burgundy, Purple/Pink, Red

Care and Cleaning

Gencon’s are completely washable.  In fact regular washing at 40°C will get rid of all the grit and dirt, keeping the Gencon All-in-1 or Headcollars soft and comfortable on your dog.

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