Clip to Collar Gencon Dog Headcollar

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The Gencon Dog Clip To Collar Headcollar is an excellent training lead to stop dogs from pulling. 

Made as a one size fits all, the All-In-1 Clip To Collar works in exactly the same way as our traditional All-in-1, but with an additional Trigger Hook at the handle end. 

Available in a variety of colours including black, red, blue, purple, coffee and pink.

If you walk your dog on the left choose the ‘Left Handed’ option. If you walk your dog on the right choose the ‘Right Handed’ option.

Configure your Gencon

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The Gencon All-In-One consists of two loops, one of which goes over your dog’s nose and the other which contains the lead around your pet’s neck. Whenever your pet pulls, both loops tighten, restricting the whole head. This will cause your dog to back off from the restriction, reducing their puling. The Clip To Collar Headcollar is very gentle, and won’t pull your pet’s head round, making it the recommended choice by many vets and trainers.


High Quality Headcollars Made In Britain

Scientifically designed to align with a dog’s natural behaviour, the unique headcollar solution was developed and patented after extensive research into dog psychology and obedience training. Made in Britain, our high quality material, expert craftsmanship and innovative technologies ensure that our products were granted a UK patent.


Finding The Best Headcollar From Gencon

The Gencon Dog Clip To Collar Headcollar is an industry-leading solution that gives more control for your pet. The end of the lead can be made to form a handle or can be clipped to your dog’s own collar forming a loop, which may give new users more confidence, or is good for use on wriggly puppies. Recommended by behavioural experts and trainers, our headcollars are ideal for dogs who pull on the lead, lunge at other dogs, persistently scavenge, get aggressive, or are over-excitable or nervous.


Which Breeds Are Suitable For The Gencon Clip To Collar Headcollar?

The Gencon All-in-1 Dog Clip To Collar fits any size dog. This one size fits all approach makes it the perfect solution for any breed of furry-legged friend! Simply slip on and apply gentle pressure to ensure the All-in-1 fits snugly. 


Fitting Your Gencon Dog Clip To Collar Headcollar

Fitting the Gencon All-In-1 Clip To Collar Headcollar is a simple process. Use one loop over the nose of your pet and one around their neck. When fitted correctly both loops should fit snugly, not tight or too slack and make sure that the collar can slacken when pressure is taken off the lead.


Care Instructions For Your Gencon Clip To Collar Headcollar

Washing your headcollar keeps it soft and grit free for longer. Made with high-quality materials, the Gencon All-in-1 Clip To Collar is designed to last. 


See Our Extra Wide Clip To Collar

Made specifically for large or long-haired dogs, our new Extra Wide Clip To Collar is perfect for bigger breeds. The 25mm gives more security and increases the durability of our Clip To Collar against even the most persistent puller. Shop now.


Puppy Lead For Teaching Lead Training

The Gencon All-In-1 Clip To Collar is the perfect training aid for young pups. The end of the lead  Teach them to walk calmly by your side with this simple-use solution  that’s comfortable and soft for your puppy to wear.


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Black, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Blue/White, Coffee/Cream, Green/Black, Navy/Jade, Pink/Burgundy, Purple/Pink, Red, Red/Black

Walk the dog on your...

Left hand side, Right hand side

How to fit

Top dog trainer Jo Croft share some of her personal experiences using the Gencon All-in-1 dog head collar with our customers’ dogs.

Care and Cleaning

Gencon’s are completely washable.  In fact regular washing at 40°C will get rid of all the grit and dirt, keeping the Gencon All-in-1 or Headcollars soft and comfortable on your dog.

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