There is no doubting how much a person loves their dog and of course, their dog could do no wrong in their eyes, but sometimes the dog can be considerably stronger than the person walking them. This isn’t time to give up hope, the world of dog leads has evolved to the point where even the strongest of dogs can be trained to be obedient and pleasant to walk. 

Here at Gencon, we’re proud to stock the solution to many dog walkers’ issues, a strong leash for large dogs. We stock a wide range of leads and headcollars, with a variety of combinations resulting in the solution. 

Tips on how to control your large dog

The ultimate end goal for all this training is to have your large dog capable of loose-leash walking. It isn’t a quick process and definitely one we’d recommend starting with your pup as young as possible, making it less of a shock to them. It is especially important that if you choose to train your dog at home and not privately that you provide it with more and more distractions as your dog becomes more capable of loose-leash walking. This is because you’re looking to remove all the previous triggers your dog may have had and allow them to take this in their stride and not react.

 But be careful not to overstimulate your dog with distractions, as this may distract them so much that they do not pay attention to you and the incentive of a treat isn’t enough to capture their attention. 

 We advise you to practice with your Gencon collar for the first few times when your dog has already been walked and is calm. In the beginning, you want to associate your Gencon lead with something positive, whether that is a treat or toy, but ultimately the dog will eventually associate the walk with the lead, which is a reward in itself. 


General advice for getting your dog used to their Gencon lead

Your dog’s initial reaction may be to try and remove the lead, they will do this by getting their front paws up over their nose. This is perfectly understandable and not in any way uncommon, after all, it is a new sensation that they are not used to. If this happens, there are a few things you can do, and these are:

  • Remain quiet and calm, refraining from scolding your dog for the attempt. Calmly apply gentle upward pressure and as soon as the dog stops, release the pressure immediately. Then reward them after every attempt to remove the lead has calmed. 
  • If your dog is especially nervous or over anxious, then some extra time at home practising is advised. Alternatively, if your dog generally enjoys its walk then we would suggest progressing outdoors as quickly as possible as the outside distractions will help them get used to the feeling of the Gencon All-in-1 headcollar around their face. 


Let Gencon change the way you walk your dog

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